MONROE COUNTY, Ind. – A father accused of abusing his son and starving him to death pleaded guilty to murder and will likely spend decades in prison.

Luis Eduardo Posso Jr. agreed to a plea deal last week. In exchange for his guilty plea, prosecutors agreed to drop other charges against him, including neglect of a dependent resulting in death, criminal confinement and battery.

Sentencing is scheduled for August.

Posso’s son, 12-year-old Eduardo Posso, died in May 2019. He weighed only 50 pounds at the time; an autopsy showed he’d been abused.

According to court documents, Posso took his unconscious son to the emergency room at IU Health Bloomington Hospital where he died minutes later.

Eduardo Posso

The staff found the boy to be severely emaciated with multiple bruises and lacerations, according to court documents. The autopsy uncovered multiple signs of starvation, neglect and physical abuse.

Posso told police his son fell in the shower and sustained a bump on the back of his neck that had been bleeding. Posso cleaned the wound but noticed his son was struggling to breathe, prompting him to take the boy to the hospital.

During an interview with police, Posso acknowledged he’d spanked the boy on several occasions using a leather belt, his hand or a flip flop. He denied withholding food from his son.

Court documents said authorities found wrist and ankle restraints, chains and a dog training shock collar under a box spring. Detectives also uncovered surveillance video that showed the boy lying in a bathtub with his hands and feet bound, the shock collar around his neck.

Three other children in the family showed no signs of physical abuse. The family, from Florida, had been traveling in the Midwest distributing flyers for a circus scheduled for June 2019 in Bloomington. They had been staying at a motel.

Dayana Medina-Flores

In July 2021, the boy’s stepmother, Dayana Medina-Flores, pleaded guilty to murder in the case. A judge sentenced her to 65 years in prison, the maximum prison sentence for murder in Indiana.