LAWRENCE, Ind. — Tenants in at least one apartment complex will soon pay significantly more in rent for their current apartment or move out. The Canterbury House Apartments is no longer receiving certain government funds which means residents will have to soon make a difficult decision.

Theresa Anderson has lived here at the complex for four years.

“I said I’ve been here all this time why would they do this to me,” Anderson said.

As of January 1, the Canterbury House Apartments is no longer a part of the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program. Now, the company that owns the complex is giving tenants with Section 8 vouchers or living in tax credit units a choice to stay and pay significantly higher rent or take around $3,000 to get out of their leases early and move.

“If I take the offer, she said they would give me the money it would be 45 days I would have to be out of the apartment,” Anderson said.

The impacted tenants received notices on November 18 they needed to make a decision by November 22. Today, Kittle Property Group Inc. sent new letters explaining to residents they made a clerical error and renters have until December 22 to make a decision.

If the tenants stay, their rent will increase to full market value by Jan. 1, 2025.

Attorneys explain once the landlord or property owner is no longer in the LIHTC program, they are allowed to move all of the units to market rate rental prices.

“If the program is ended in a proper way, there’s really not much that stops a property from raising a rent as much as they want if they’re not under any other restriction,” said Andrew Thomas, a housing resource attorney with Indiana Legal Services.

Thomas spoke generally about the topic of LIHTC. He also advised any low-income renter to seek legal advice from advocates like Indiana Legal Services.

“If you are confused about that or you think there’s a problem, there are resources available to folks to have that sort of thing reviewed,” Thomas said.

Contacting legal help for tenants

Indiana Legal Services: 844-243-8570

Pro Bono Indiana

Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic: 317-429-4131