INDIANAPOLIS — The Monday morning commute will be an exciting one for drivers who have dealt with North Split construction for the last 18 months. 

Weather permitting, I-70 Westbound through the North Split will reopen Sunday morning, much to the delight of drivers.

”It’s got to be good, I can’t wait to see,” said Charma Budney. She drives the route every day on her way to work in downtown Indy from Greenfield.

The North Split project has seen its fair share of delays. It was originally supposed to reopen completely to traffic at the end of 2022. Delays pushed the full reopening back to the end of April 2023 but INDOT said it would be opening parts as they become ready.

”I can’t believe it’s finally happening, very exciting,” said Sam James. James said she rearranged her life a bit when the North Split closed so she is excited to get some convenience back.

INDOT expected to open the stretch of highway at the end of this month so Sunday means it is a bit ahead of schedule.

”We’ve been having some dry weather, so that has allowed us to kind of maintain the speed that we’re at and maintain the pace,” said INDOT Public Relations Director Kyleigh Cramer.

The North Split closure has been a pain for drivers since it shut down in May 2021. Budney said it always adds time to her commute and traffic jams are frequent.

”It definitely added time and then if there was ever anything wrong, if anyone had any problem it was like that,” she said.

Before I-70 WB reopens, though, the ramp to Michigan St. will shut down Friday night to Sunday morning. 

”Basically, what they’re doing is putting down some new restriping and moving some barrier walls,” Cramer said.

There will also be intermittent lane restrictions on I-70 WB from Emerson Ave to the North Split Friday and Saturday as crews put on finishing touches.

This will be the second big opening in just more than a week for the huge North Split project. I-70 Eastbound reopened last week.

INDOT hopes these two openings give drivers a taste of what the finished product will be like. 

”What we’re trying to do at the end of the day is make this a safe and efficient corridor and I think people are going to see that a little bit as they drive the East and Westbound by Monday on their commute,” Cramer said.

But INDOT wants people to remember I-70 WB is still a construction zone, so pay attention.

”A lot of people are going to be on it and that could lead to some backups so the safest thing we can do is put down our phones, watch for the signs and just watch for the people around you,” Cramer said.