This time, the candy stripes are on the can.

Upland Brewing Company is releasing its first-ever Indiana University Athletics-branded beer: Hoosier Gameday Lager.

The beer was brewed based on direct feedback from IU fans. It’s a lager with 4.7 alcohol by volume. Most striking is the can, which features IU’s iconic candy stripes.

Upland launched a market research project in November, providing surveys to people 21 and over to seek input on the name, flavor profile and can design. The company analyzed more than 10,000 completed surveys before coming up with Hoosier Gameday Lager.

“Survey results showed some common threads from fans, and we incorporated those into this beer,” said Eddie DeSalle, president of Upland Brewing Company. “The majority of people wanted stripes on the can design, the word ‘Hoosier’ in the name, a brew that tasted refreshing and a moderate ABV. We’re excited to give all that to them.”

A portion of sales from the beer will go toward student scholarships. Upland partnered with Indiana University Licensing and Trademarks.

Hoosier Gameday Lager is now available as a limited-edition draft at all Upland Brewing Company locations. In August, fans will be able to buy it wherever Upland products are sold, including grocery stores, liquor stores, convenience stores and more.