INDIANAPOLIS – Some Indianapolis communities haven’t seen heavy trash pickup service for months.

We heard about it from viewers. First, in an April 1 story from Irvington. This week, we did another story on heavy trash pickup.

Now, the city is doing something about it. The Indianapolis Department of Public Works will temporarily reassign drivers to heavy trash service routes starting Monday, May 2, to support the solid waste division.

The city has prioritized standard trash pickup over heavy trash service. In some cases, heavy trash service has been suspended entirely. Indy DPW said staffing shortages within the solid waste division have made heavy trash pickup challenging.

Starting Monday, DPW will reassign about 10 drivers from other operations to facilitate heavy trash pickup. Residents should expect heavy trash pickup on their regularly scheduled heavy trash day (find yours here).

“Heavy Trash items missed during suspended service in previous weeks will be collected on the standard, designated Heavy Trash service day in the month of May,” the department said.

While there will be no schedule disruptions for next week’s primary election, DPW said the schedule will slide on Monday, May 30, for Memorial Day. Trash pickup will be delayed by a day that week, meaning normal Monday pickup will be pushed to Tuesday, etc.