MEXICO, Ind. — The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that deputies were sent to Delphi murder suspect Richard Allen’s home in 2015 for a “domestic” incident.

The sheriff’s office was dispatched just after 3:30 in the morning on June 18, 2015, according to records obtained by CBS4. The sheriff said Allen was allegedly drunk and his wife took him to a Lafayette-area hospital for a medical evaluation.

Sheriff Leazenby said no law enforcement action was involved other than responding to “keep the peace.”

Richard Allen grew up in the small town of Mexico, about 30 miles from Delphi. Several people who knew him said all of them told us they never would have suspected him. 

“People change over the years and I haven’t seen Ricky for a long time,” said David Yoder.

Yoder lived across the street from Allen when he lived in Mexico and grew up with his dad.

“He was an all-around good, normal everyday family man,” Yoder said. “There’s nothing out of the ordinary about him.”

Yoder said he lived in the home with his wife and daughter before moving to Delphi in 2006. But after hearing Allen was arrested and charged with killing Abby Williams and Libby German, he’s now questioning if he really knew him. 

“I would’ve never thought living across the road from him that there was anything. That’s where I would’ve sent my kids if there had been any trouble.” Yoder said. “It’s just hard to believe because he’s a heck of a nice guy always has been.”

Allen’s parents still live in Mexico, but nobody answered the door today. Their neighbors described them as nice people, but some still have a lot of questions.

 “I honestly just don’t know how his parents…could not know,” said neighbor Cheryl Sherry.

If he’s found guilty, Allen’s former neighbors said he should face the maximum penalty.

“If he did do it, he deserves to fry,” Yoder said.

Every neighbor said they’d like people to remember that in this country you are innocent until proven guilty.