MIAMI COUNTY, Ind. – Kegan Kline will need a new representation.

Andrew Achey, who had represented Kline as he awaited sentencing last week, filed a motion to withdraw from the case.

Achey, with a judge’s approval, will be removed as the counsel of record. Achey sent Kline a letter informing him of the move. His client is currently housed in the Miami County Jail.

“It was my pleasure representing you in the above-mentioned matter, and truly wish you the best of luck moving forward,” Achey wrote to Kline. “If you have questions about this or any other matter related to your case, please contact me at my office. Thank you for allowing me and my office to help you with your case.”

It’s the latest development in a case that appeared to be nearing its end. Kline had agreed to plead guilty to 25 counts related to child exploitation, possession of child pornography, identity theft and obstruction of justice, with a sentencing hearing held on Thursday, May 18.

However, sentencing ended up being delayed by more than an hour as his attorney met with the judge and the prosecution to discuss the case. The move came after Kline revealed he hadn’t seen certain evidence against him and was having second thoughts about pleading guilty.

The evidence involved transcripts of an interview with Indiana State Police in which Kline discussed his social media contact with minors through a fake account called “anthony_shots” and whether he’d communicated with Libby German the night before she died.

Libby and her friend, Abby Williams, were found murdered in Delphi in February 2017. While Kline has never been charged or named as a suspect, he’s become linked to the Delphi murders because of that interview. Richard Allen is charged in the case.

Achey told Spahr last week that he was unaware Kline hadn’t read transcripts of his own statements to police. Prosecutors, for their part, characterized Kline’s claims as a delay tactic.

Spahr granted the continuance, despite the state’s objection. The judge set a June 1 date for a status hearing with sentencing continued on July 27.