GREENWOOD, Ind. — Local police are investigating after a father says he walked in on his son being fondled by a stranger in the bathroom of Greenwood Little League over the weekend.

Greenwood Police Department officers were called around noon on Saturday by a man reporting his son had been touched inappropriately by an unknown man while the child was taking a bathroom break during a baseball game at Greenwood Little League.

Upon arrival at 320 S. Washington Street, GPD officers made contact with the man who advised he was the father of the juvenile that had been involved.

During an interview, the father told police that his son had come to him after an inning of baseball and said he needed to use the restroom. The man told the child to “hustle up” and run to the nearest bathroom.

The man told police he saw the juvenile several feet ahead of him as he entered the men’s restroom. Shortly after, the father said he entered the bathroom and saw an “older male” assisting a young boy using the urinal.

However, the father said he did not immediately realize that the young boy at the urinal was his son. After checking a locked stall, the man said he called for his son and that the child “shakily answered him”.

The father said he then looked over and saw his son standing in front of the unknown male at the urinal. He told police he saw the man had both hands on the juvenile’s penis.

When asked what happened next, the father told police he approached the man and asked him to “stop what he was doing”. The dad told police the man said that he was “just helping” the boy, who had asked for assistance because the stall toilet was out of service.

The father told police he exited the restroom and “took care of his son” while also trying to keep an eye on the man, who he described as wearing a long-sleeved blue shirt, red hat and khaki pants. The unknown male was between 50 and 60 years old, the father told police.

While watching the man, the dad said he saw him walk westbound through the little league “nonchalantly” from the bathroom by the concession stands.

When speaking with police, the father said his son had told him the man had touched his penis and “admitted to this twice”.

Multiple GPD officers arrived on scene and canvassed the area, but were unable to find anyone matching the description provided by the father. Furthermore, GPD said officers attempted to review any security footage but that there are no cameras at Greenwood Little League.

Greenwood Little League itself said that staff members have been made aware of the situation and are being asked to call the police should anyone matching the description be seen.

On Monday, Greenwood Little League posted a statement regarding the situation on Facebook:

“To ensure the safety and well-being of the child and the family involved, we are asking everyone to please not talk about this publicly, especially at the fields. In your charity, they also ask you to consider not discussing it on social media. We want to respect the wishes and well-being of the family involved and they are asking that this incident not be discussed publicly. Due to the sensitivity of this incident, please respect the families (sic) privacy and refrain from any further public conversations. Please reach out to our League President Andy Elliott at if you have any further questions.”

Greenwood Little League

GLL said that an email has been sent to all parents regarding the incident as well.

For its part, Greenwood police said in an initial police report that there is no additional evidence or potential suspects. The case has been referred to investigations for further review.