HENRY COUNTY, Ind. – Police say an Anderson woman tried to hide a half-pound bag containing heroin inside her bra during a traffic stop in Henry County.

Kaylee Waymire, 31, of Anderson, is charged with possession of a narcotic drug and driving while suspended.

A Henry County sheriff’s deputy stopped Waymire around 10:40 p.m. Tuesday after seeing her exit I-70 westbound to State Road 3 without using her turn signal. The deputy followed Waymire’s Nissan Altima; she turned north onto SR 3, only signaling once she was entering the intersection and not before, according to court documents.

Waymire was the only person in the car. The deputy noted that she seemed nervous, her hands shaking as she handed over her car registration. Her voice cracked when she spoke, the deputy said, and she laughed when asked about her driver’s license. Waymire told the deputy she “did not have a driver’s license” because it had been suspended.

The deputy characterized Waymire as “extremely nervous.” She said she’d visited her sister’s house in Richmond to pick something up and pointed at an item in the back seat. The deputy noticed a tan powder substance on Waymire’s seat and around one of her nostrils.

The deputy believed the substance to be heroin and deployed his K9 partner, who indicated the odor of narcotics in the car. When asked about it, Waymire initially said she “didn’t know” and then told police her friends smoked marijuana in the car and that must’ve been why the dog smelled something.

Police found chunks of a powder substance on the driver’s side floor and the handle of the driver’s side door. Waymire said the powder was heroin and belonged to her brother, who had borrowed the car and “must have left it in the vehicle.”

Waymire kept insisting she needed to use the bathroom, leading the deputy to believe she may have had additional drugs hidden somewhere on her body that she wanted to get rid of. Another officer noticed “something pointed” sticking out from her bra while she was handcuffed.

“It’s heroin,” Waymire told police, according to court documents. When asked how much, she responded, “I don’t know. It’s a lot.”

The deputy took off one of her handcuffs; Waymire then removed a bag of powder substance from her bra and set it on the hood of the deputy’s car, according to court documents.

From there, she cooperated with the investigation, police said.

Court documents indicated that the bag weighed 8.6 ounces and had an estimated street value of $10,000. Waymire was taken to the Henry County Jail.