MUNCIE, Ind. — A Muncie man accused of sexually abusing two children had been investigated a decade ago for similar allegations.

Victor Archuleta, 65, faces four counts of child molesting, a Level 1 felony carrying up to 40 years in prison for each count.

According to court documents, Archuleta abused two girls between 2013 and 2023. Allegations in 2013 and 2015 led to investigations, although Archuleta was not charged at the time.

His latest accuser, a preteen girl, told investigators Archuleta was “very sneaky” about the abuse but was also “afraid of being caught.” He told her not to tell anyone “because he would get in trouble and go to jail,” according to court documents.

The girl said Archuleta inappropriately touched her on multiple occasions and forced her to perform sex acts.

Police interviewed a second girl Archuleta is believed to have abused. The girl, now in her teens, said the abuse started when she was 6 years old. She described similar behavior, with Archuleta touching her inappropriately and forcing her to perform sex acts.

The girl said Archuleta told her would “kill the people she loved” if she told anyone, according to court documents.

Those allegations first came to light in 2013 and 2015, according to court documents. The cases were closed after Archuleta denied the allegations during interviews.