RICHMOND, Ind. — An animal control officer said a 23-year-old man struck a dog with a stick so many times that he was “unable to keep track” amid a string of violent abuse inflicted on the animal that was captured on video by witnesses.

Taylor R. Snider, who court records show resides in Centerville, was arrested on April 27, nearly 20 days after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Snider is charged with one misdemeanor count of animal cruelty.

According to court documents, an animal control officer was called to the 200 block of Randolph Street in Richmond on Feb. 28 where a neighbor showed the officer multiple videos that captured Snider beating a dog.

The beating occurred at a home located in the 400 block of NW Third Street on the morning of Feb. 27, according to the witness.

The animal control officer detailed the videos in the court documents which included “hogtying” the dog and beating it with his fists and sticks. The dog can reportedly be heard screaming in pain and at one point Snider is reportedly shown hitting the dog more than 20 times with a stick, the officer stating he lost track of counting the number of blows after 20.

Police ended up speaking to the residents of the Third Street home who told officers that they didn’t own a dog but that their friend, Taylor Snider, had been staying at their home recently with his dog.

After police submitted their findings to the Wayne County Prosecutor, a warrant was issued for Snider’s arrest on April 6. The warrant was eventually served on April 27 and Snider taken into custody.