INDIANAPOLIS – Community Health Network announced a data breach at their affiliate health organization, Fishers Digestive Care, on Saturday.

Community initiated an investigation and confirmed that third-party tracking technologies were installed on their websites, including the MyChart patient portal.             

Based on the results of that investigation, Community determined that the type of information transmitted varies.

“Our investigation was unable to determine whether and to what extent each user interacted with these data fields, so we cannot say with certainty what information was involved,” said the health network in a statement.

The type of information that could have been breached includes: names, medical record numbers, IP addresses, appointments, insurance coverage, information about one’s health care provider and conversations between individuals and others through MyChart.    

There is no indication that any social security numbers, financial account numbers, or debit/credit card information was collected or transmitted through the third-party tracking. 

Community announced a similar breach late last year.

Letters are being sent out to individuals with information about the data breach and recommendations on steps that individuals can take to protect themselves from website tracking.     

Community is also reporting the incident to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights.