INDIANAPOLIS — Homeowners in Christian Park are turning to their fellow neighbors to fight a rise in crime.

For more than 30 years the area held a neighborhood crime watch. The original organizers say they used to have 45 people patrolling the streets using ham radios and a cell phone with a direct line to 911.

“We just recently reinitialized it because of the violent crime in our surrounding area,” said Steve Terry with the Christian Park Crime Watch. “We didn’t want our area to become like that.”

Over time the group began to fade. The neighborhood began bringing back the tradition in April. A recent spike in incidents has organizers desperately searching for new members.

Just this week a home on English Avenue was burglarized. Police reports show the suspect made off with a TV, two purses, and 11 pairs of shoes.

“They were just shocked that their house was broken into like that,” said Terry who checked on that homeowner following the incident. “There was a another couple of break-ins a couple weeks ago. One was very violent. They were trying to kick the door in on a person.”

“It’s a roller coaster, some nights it’s worse, and some nights it’s better,” said Tabitha Barnett, the administrator of the Christian Park Crime Watch Facebook page. “We want to continue growing, and we want everybody to see that positivity. Knowing your neighbors is a big part of it.”

You can join the group through their Christian Park Crime Watch Facebook page. Patrolling members act to assist the Indianapolis Police Department, but they are not law enforcement.

“Main thing is take away the opportunity, and remove the temptation,” said Terry.