MUNCIE, Ind. — A Chesterfield police officer has lost his job after being spotted at a Yorktown gas station putting gas into his personal vehicle and charging the town of Chesterfield for the cost.

Harley Pagel, 27, of Muncie faces felony charges of official misconduct and obstruction of justice along with one misdemeanor count of theft.

According to court documents, Pagel was spotted at the Yorktown gas station on Dec. 22 allegedly filling up both his police Tahoe along with his personal Jeep Cherokee during the same transaction.

Pagel reportedly had his wife drive the Jeep Cherokee to the gas station and park close behind the Tahoe, moving the Jeep closer so that he could fill up both vehicles without resetting the pump.

The Chesterfield Police Department was made aware of the incident due to a Facebook posting.

According to court documents, Pagel reportedly sent a message to the Facebook poster cursing the person out and saying they shouldn’t have told his boss on him. Pagel was warned by police that he’d be charged with harassment if he contacted the Facebook poster again.

Court documents reveal that Pagel eventually admitted to pumping the gas and charging it to the town of Chesterfield after he failed to produce a receipt for the transaction.

“I knew this would come back and bite me in the a**,” he reportedly said.

Pagel reportedly apologized and said he didn’t know why he did it other than to “save a buck or two.”

If convicted, Pagel could face between six months and two and a half years imprisonment.