INDIANAPOLIS — Several customers who shopped at Meijer grocery stores on Saturday said their debit and credit cards were charged twice.

Noblesville mother Courtney Taylor was doing her weekly grocery haul on Saturday at Meijer. She said she heard an announcement over the loud speaker about issues with credit and debit card purchases but went to check out anyways.

“It took longer than usual, waiting in line but also processing everything,” Taylor said. “But I got my receipt, went out the door and didn’t really think much of it.”

That was until she began reviewing her statement and saw Meijer charged her card twice. Taylor wasn’t alone.

Tammy McCord was shopping at the Meijer in Anderson on Saturday and noticed similar issues. McCord said she witnessed the customer in front of her having to swipe his card multiple times to get it to work.

“I go up to do my purchase, and I have to swipe mine twice,” McCord said. “Yesterday, I was just doing some banking business and was in my account online and noticed the transaction went through two times.”

A Meijer spokesperson said it is aware of the issue and blamed it on a technical problem with Chase Bank, which processes the store’s transactions.

“Chase has assured us that many of the customer accounts have already been credited, and any remaining affected customers should receive their funds in the coming days,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

Reports of double charging have also been seen in Michigan and Kentucky.

Taylor said it was inconvenient and worrisome because her family is on a tight budget.

“We have two young kids, and so we’re on a tight budget with groceries and gas, daycare expenses and summer camps,” Taylor said. “We are really trying to be more conscientious about what we spend, how much we spend, where we spend it.”

Both women encouraged people to keep a close eye on their statements. McCord said this incidents makes her even more worried about using her cards going forward.

“It’s unnerving when you put your account information out there,” McCord said. “To think that they want us to go to a cashless society one day, it’s very scary.”

CBS4 reached out to Chase Bank to get more information about what went wrong and if other stores were affected.