BROWNSBURG, Ind. — The family of a Brownsburg woman who was stabbed in the head last month said she is making a miraculous recovery.

Susan Early, 59, was found with multiple stab wounds and a knife still lodged in her head in front of her home in the Summer Ridge subdivision on April 24.

Early’s daughter Katie Curry said her mother lost half of her blood after a stab wound to her abdomen missed a main artery by just millimeters.

While Early is showing signs of improving, Curry said her mother remains in the hospital and is on a feeding tube. Luckily, she has no damage to her brain from her head injury.

The family said Early’s recovery is nothing short of a miracle and credit their strong faith.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help with medical bills and other expenses.

Early’s son Kyle Braun was arrested for attempted murder in connection to the stabbing.