BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Police in Bloomington said a violent kidnapping ended with one man in jail and a woman jumping out of a moving vehicle.

Officers were first called to a Bloomington hospital on October 18 to speak with the female patient.

Wade Jackson booking photo

She told officers she was riding in a sedan driven by Wade Jackson, 61, on W. Tapp Road when she jumped out. Court documents indicate the woman said Jackson was striking her with his right hand while driving with his left. He had also reportedly told her “I oughta kill you” several times before her escape.

Court documents indicate the woman was at an apartment earlier with friends when Jackson showed up asking if she was there. The woman said she was hiding when Jackson found her and then dragged her outside by her ponytail, while hitting and kicking her in the head, back, hips, and legs.

The woman told police she was trying to stall for time because she had called a family member to pick her up at the apartment before Jackson arrived. When she told Jackson she needed to get her shoes, a probable cause affidavit shows he told her, “[Expletive] your shoes.”

The woman said she did not scream for help when they made it outside because Jackson warned her not to make a scene as they got into the car.

She told police she feared for her life, so she decided to jump out of the moving car. She said she knew Jackson had a firearm but wasn’t sure if he had it on him. He had however threatened to shoot her, according to court documents. She was also afraid he was going to take her somewhere where she would get “beat up by a group of women.”

Another driver who was on W. Tapp Road at the same time told police she saw the car being driven “erratically and swerving.” She told investigators she could not see what was going on inside the vehicle because the windows were tinted but thought there might be a fight going on inside because of the way the car was being driven. She then saw someone jump out of the car as the driver sped off.

A responding officer described the victim as having road rash on her back, shoulders, knees and feet, as well as a large abrasion on her head.

Police arrested Jackson at his apartment on Lenzy Way Sunday.

He’s been charged with kidnapping, domestic battery, and intimidation.