LAWRENCE COUNTY, Ind. — A Bedford woman was arrested after police say a debit card was stolen out of a man’s pants while he was sleeping and then used in a shopping spree worth hundreds of dollars.

The man contacted the Bedford Police Department on August 23 to show them he had at least 10 questionable transactions on his bank statement, according to court documents.

According to the man, he had stayed the night at a house on U Street a few days earlier. A woman named Jessica Hackney was also at the home at the time.

The man told police his debit card was last in his pocket when he was asleep at the home. Along with the missing card, the man said $440 in cash was taken from his wallet.

Jessica Hackney

Police tracked the locations of the questionable transactions and spoke to witnesses, compared receipts, and looked at video when available.

Court documents state officers obtained surveillance video from a Circle K where a transaction of $503.75 was made on the man’s card. Police say Hackney was seen in the footage using an ATM at the store and then leaving in a silver Buick driven by a man in a black T-shirt.

Another charge of $109.34 was made at a Dollar General in Bedford. Police say Hackney was once again seen on the store’s camera, accompanied by two men, including the man in the black T-shirt.

A purchase of women’s clothing was also made at a Maurice’s, and another charge was made at The Shoe Dept.

When asked about the receipt, employees at the Shoe Dept. said they remembered seeing a woman and a man drinking Starbucks as they shopped.

A Starbucks purchase was made on the card about 30 minutes earlier, according to court documents.

Police say Hackney also used her Shoe Dept. store loyalty card to get points for the purchase.

When police questioned Hackney, she claimed the victim gave him her debit card, told her his PIN number, and then asked her to get $500 in cash from him. She said she gave it to him but he was “too messed up” to remember. She also said she planned to pay him back for the other purchases, but he “freaked out” before she could.

The victim told police he was at a few stores with Hackney a few days before his card went missing. He believed she saw his PIN number when he was paying for things during those transactions.

Hackney was arrested on seven counts of theft and two counts of identity deception.