MOORESVILLE, Ind. — A healthy baby was recently surrendered in a Safe Haven Baby Box in Mooresville, officials announced Friday.

The baby box is located at the Mooresville Fire Department at 415 East State Road 144.

Any questions about adoption can be made to the Morgan County Department of Children Services at 765-349-5302.

This is the sixth baby surrendered inside a Safe Haven Baby Box this year.

Safe Haven Baby Boxes allow for the safe and anonymous surrender of infants when the mother is
in crisis or unable to parent. The baby box has heating and cooling for the infant, along with silent alarms to notify first responders. Infants placed in a Safe Haven Baby Box will be attended to within 5 minutes, medically evaluated at a local hospital and adopted within 30 to 45 days, per Safe Haven.

There are 111 Safe Haven Baby Boxes in the country. Click here for locations

The team with the Safe Haven Baby Boxes said their usage is growing, and they anticipate that will continue in a post-Roe era. Linda Znachko, Founder of He Knows Your Name Ministry, said there is great interest in adding boxes across the country.

“This adoption option is critical right now, I think for the women that are in need and babies that are at risk,” Znachko said.

Once a baby is safely surrendered, they do go into foster care. Znachko said babies are adopted within 30 to 45 days.

“So I want to say to any adoptive family that’s interested in doing adoption or wants a Safe Haven Baby Box baby, get ready through the foster care system,” Znachko explained. “Check that box that says, I want a Safe Haven Baby Box baby.”

If you would like more information on becoming a foster or adoptive parent, visit