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AVON, Ind. — The town of Avon is getting nearly $10.6 million in federal funding to improve congestion on some of its most travelled roads and intersections.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization, IMPO, will present an official check for $10,693,700 to Avon Town Council leaders at the beginning of the Council’s March 10 meeting. 

The funding will be used to help pay for two projects – a roundabout at Raceway Road and CR 100 N. and the widening of the Dan Jones Parkway. Officials with the town of Avon said construction on both will begin in 2025.

“It’s a $15 million project to widen just a mile of [Dan Jones] roadway so that’s pretty expensive,” said Ryan Cannon, town manager for Avon. “So a small community like us, without those federal funds, it’s not something we can do.”

Phases I and II of Dan Jones Road have already acquired federal funding, so this latest round of funding will pay for Phase III.

“None of them have started construction yet, but they’re about to start,” said Cannon. “Next year, Phase I of the Dan Jones widening starts, which will be from basically U.S. 36 to County Road 100 South. And then the second phase is the following year, and that will be from [County Road] 100 south to 150 South, which will also include a roundabout at the intersection of 150 South.”

Cannon said Dan Jones Road spans nearly five miles through Avon, connecting Plainfield and Brownsburg, and is one of the most congested north-south roads in Hendricks County.

“So it’s kind of a double edged sword. We have to have that congestion before we can really qualify for the federal funds,” said Cannon.

Cannon said Dan Jones has always been a top priority for the town of Avon based on thoroughfare plans dating back to 2016 which included traffic studies and public input.

“It’s too congested. It’s ridiculous. It’s half the reason that we’re moving so we don’t have to deal with it all the time,” said Julia Neese, an Avon resident looking to move in the next month. “It can be scary [driving on Dan Jones Road] because it’s always full and people are not paying attention.”

The federal funds will also help pay for a second project – adding a roundabout to Raceway Road at County Road 100 North.

“It’s been on the top 50 accidents in Indiana list for a couple of years, so that one is really in creating a safety enhancement,” said Cannon.

“Traffic is always really heavy at that intersection,” said Perri Boykin, an Avon resident. “Will a roundabout help? I don’t know. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.”

Phase I of the Dan Jones Road expansion is expected to begin next year in 2023.

“We understand it’s going to get worse before it gets better, but if [residents] can just understand that help is on the way and we’re doing this to improve the situation,” said Cannon.