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INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Animal Care Services says if adoptions don’t pick up, they could return to crisis level again by the end of the week.

Animal shelters fear another crisis could be looming because of the coronavirus pandemic.

An increased number of pets being surrendered, staffing challenges and a decrease in pet adoptions have presented challenges.

IndyHumane says the overpopulation of dogs has been “phenomenal.”

It is a no-kill shelter but if adoptions slow, there is no room to take in more animals.

“We have seen a slow down in adoptions, especially in the last couple of months,” said Colleen Walker, marketing coordinator at IndyHumane. “It has been more prominent than even the last year, there wasn’t much of a difference between our adoptions in 2020 versus 2021. But this last month or two, we’ve had a lot of difficulty getting dogs out.”

Indianapolis Animal Care Services says they too are seeing a high volume of dogs waiting to be adopted.

With more kittens expected to arrive at the shelter in the coming weeks, they’re worried they could return to crisis level by the end of the week.

“Since we went to emergency status back in February, we’re actually taking in less pets, because we’re triaging them,” said Katie Trennepohl, deputy director at Indianapolis Animal Care Services. “Taking in emergency situations, it’s just our ability to care for them. That is really the limiting factor right now.”

When the coronavirus pandemic began, animal shelters across the country were at risk of closing their doors but Americans answered the call for help and began adopting and fostering pets.

Animal shelters are hoping that same generous spirit continues today to help these animals.