INDIANAPOLIS — AES Indiana customers will get a break.

On Monday, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission approved the utility company’s request for a decrease in its fuel adjustment charge (FAC).

AES said the decrease amounts to about 4% of the base bill or $6.58 per 1,000 kWh. It will go into effect for the March billing period; customers will see the change on their March, April and May bills.

That should come as a relief to some AES Indiana customers who were stunned by high bills in December and January, with some viewers reporting the amounts doubled or tripled compared to what they usually see.

Last year, AES requested a 19% increase in the FAC, although the IURC eventually approved at 12% increase that went into effect in September. The utility blamed soaring natural gas and coal prices for the increase.

Every quarter, utilities can request an adjustment in the fuel adjustment charge (FAC) to account for variations in energy prices. Those requests can work both ways, with companies asking for an increase or decrease based on fuels costs.

Duke Energy requested a decrease in its FAC earlier this month. That came on the heels of a separate, smaller decrease that went into effect in January.