INDIANAPOLIS — With expected temperatures in the 80s or higher this week, air conditioners will also fire up in the coming days.

That’s why Star Heating and Cooling says now is the time to get your A/C systems checked out and tuned up.

“They should be very concerned it’s a good idea to have maintenance done on your system every year,” said Sarah Wallace, the company’s operations manager.

Wallace said this is because if you don’t act quickly, supply issues could mean a small problem becomes a big one.

“There are still delays on parts and units,” Wallace said. “It’s a lot harder to get parts than units.”

Anderson resident Lindsay Mooney said her A/C died on her last summer and that it took weeks for her to get a replacement.

“We would have to buy fans, carry them upstairs, and carry them downstairs and we have animals we were trying to keep cool,” Mooney said. “We were so grumpy because were so hot. We didn’t know what else to do, because we had to wait.”

Technicians say it could be weeks or longer for parts to arrive for repairs, and that employee shortages could make the wait even longer. That is why maintenance is key.

Eric Harris, service manager at Summer Heating and Cooling, said there are warning signs you can look for before your unit fails.

“If you notice any strange sounds that are just out of the ordinary – or a lot of banging sounds or screeching – anything of that nature, get it checked,” Harris said.

Harris said once your HVAC unit goes out, it could cost you big time.

“Oh, it’s such a wide variety,” he said. “You can have a $100 repair or a $2,000 repair.”