NEWTON COUNTY, Ind. — Three men were injured after an ambulance was sent sliding by a pickup truck after a collision in Newton County.

According to the Newton County Sheriff’s Department, the crash occurred on Monday afternoon at the intersection of U.S. 41 and State Road 16.

Police said the Riverside Medical Center ambulance was en route to provide aid to Newton County EMS and was traveling with its lights and sirens activated when the pickup collided with the ambulance.

The ambulance was knocked onto its driver’s side as a result of the collision and slide through the intersection before sliding off the road and into a ditch and landing back on its wheels right-side up, police said.

Police said all three injured men were occupants of the pickup truck. They were transported to a nearby hospital due to complaints of pain.

All medical personnel in the ambulance were unharmed.

“Thankfully all parties involved were wearing their seatbelts which undoubtedly prevented more serious injuries,” said the reporting deputy.