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GREENWOOD, Ind. — A week after the deadly mass shooting at the Greenwood Park Mall, police said they are focused on collecting evidence from the shooter’s social media accounts.

The Greenwood Police Department said it could be weeks or more before they’re ready to update the public on what they discover.

Paul Keenan, the former special agent in charge for the FBI Indianapolis, who is not connected to this investigation, said law enforcement will want everything they can get from the social media companies.

“That’s the goal, right, is to find a motive,” Keenan explained. “The shooter’s dead in this case, so everybody wants to know why he did this.”

Keenan referred to a manifesto, or certain social media post or a video detailing why a shooter committed the crimes, as a “legacy token.”

“That would be fantastic to find because that would pretty much lay out why he did what he did,” Keenan explained.

Former FBI agents said the hope is those social media profiles answer specific questions.

“Was there a major grievance that he had?” Keenan said. “Was there some kind of employment grievance? An interpersonal relationship that went bad? And then, some kind of triggering event that happened?”

Obviously, law enforcement is able to see everything that’s public, but private information requires certain court permission.

GPD Chief James Ison anticipates giving the public an update on the investigation in the coming weeks. Keenan said the fact the shooter is dead can slow the process.

“If the shooter was alive and going to trial, it may be a different story. You may get them quicker,” Keenan explained. “If he was on the run, we would definitely get them quicker.”

While there’s no indication the mall shooter worked with anyone else, former agents said that’s something investigators must confirm.

“It’s possible that they’ll find others involved in this,” said Doug Kouns, CEO at Veracity IIR. “It looks like he was a lone wolf, but you’ve got to answer that question for sure. You have to do the work.”