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GREENWOOD, Ind. — The investigation into why a Greenwood man went to the Greenwood Park Mall and opened fire in the food court has hit a roadblock.

On Thursday, the FBI announced that it was unable to retrieve any data from a laptop owned by Jonathan Douglas Sapirman, the suspect in the mass shooting.

“The hard drive seized from the shooter’s apartment was severely damaged. Due to its damaged state, we will not be able to recover any data,” said a public affairs officer with the FBI.

That laptop was found inside an oven inside Sapirman’s apartment that was at a high temperature. A can of butane was also found in the oven. The FBI said it is unclear how long the laptop was left inside the oven, but they know the oven was on when officers entered the apartment.

The FBI is continuing to work with other evidence in the shooting. This includes a mobile device found in a toilet in the mall bathrooms.

When Sapirman arrived at the mall, he went to the restroom and spent a little over an hour inside. Police found the phone while investigating after the shooting.

FBI agents are interviewing witnesses and people who knew Sapirman to try to get a better idea of what happened. Police are also investigating social media profiles that may have belonged to Sapirman.

“We know the question on everyone’s mind is ‘Why? What motivated this individual to kill innocent people?’ The Greenwood Police Department is working diligently to try to answer those questions. We will continue to support them in those efforts. When a full and thorough investigation is complete, Greenwood will release its findings,” the FBI public affairs officer said.

The Greenwood Police Department remains the lead agency in the investigation.