Trends for Tails allows customers to shop for spring wardrobe, support Humane Society for Hamilton County without leaving home

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — We’ve all been adjusting to a new normal during the COVID-19 crisis; one where some of our favorite restaurants, shops and other local hot-spots are shut down.

Yet, some organizations– like the Humane Society for Hamilton County–  are still serving and still in need of community support.

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Fortunately, there’s a resale boutique in Noblesville called Trends for Tails (located at 1109 S. Tenth Street) that is giving people an opportunity to help--- even without leaving their homes.

We’re shopping with a purpose on this trip “In Your Neighborhood”.

“Everything in the boutique is donated,” said Boutique Manager, Gary Stephens. “We curate… so we pick the best of the best for our customers.”

At Trends for Tails, you’ll find upscale men’s and women’s clothing from brands like Ralph Lauren, Ann Taylor Loft, Lauren Conrad, Express and much more.

“Lots of Coach, some Free People, a lot of Lula Roe, Banana Republic,” Stephens noted

They’ve also got a wide array of denim and accessories like shoes, purses, sunglasses, art, home décor and a wide variety of jewelry.

“We have a gal [named] Marsha Booker that curates and repairs, even creates new pieces of the jewelry that you’ll find in the store,” said Stephens.

Photo credit: Trends for Tails Resale Boutique Facebook page

But there is something different about this boutique.

Scattered about, you will see pictures of animals on the walls, printed on signs, sitting atop racks… even posted flyers about adoption right near the cash register area.

That is all by design--- for one very important reason.

“We are part of the Humane Society for Hamilton County,” he explained.

Photo credit: Yelp Indy via Trends for Tails

Trends for Tails came to fruition thanks to a group of volunteers who had previously run a similar boutique many years ago.

“Those same volunteers came back together and were like, ‘This can work…  we can really  be an awesome staple in the public and sell these amazing clothes but we can also make a difference in the lives of these animals,” explained Megan Bousley, Marketing and Communications Manager for the Humane Society for Hamilton County.

Now, customers know the value of purchasing a new spring outfit here means hope for animals because net proceeds go to the Humane Society for Hamilton County’s Survivor Program.

Photo credit: Humane Society for Hamilton County Facebook page

“In 2020, we’re expecting it to cost an average of over $300 to save a single survivor animal... that’s any animal that needs medical care above and beyond basic vaccines and processing,” explained Bousley. “So the more people who come in there, the more people that shop and keep coming back, the more animals we are going to be able to save.”

And although the storefront itself is closed right now during a time of social distancing and government regulated restriction, Trends for Tails is still open for business through Poshmark.

Photo credit: Trends for Tails Resale Boutique Facebook page

“Right now, because you can’t shop in the store, we’ve ramped it up. So we’re listing things daily… There’s a lot on there,” said Stephens.

Shoppers will find extra low prices on sweaters and other winter sale and clearance items, as well as an array of new spring and summer staples.

“For gals, probably shorts, capris…and we sell a lot of summertime dresses,” Stephens said. “And then [for] guys, there’s polos, shorts, [and] t-shirts.

And although we are living in a time where it feels like much of the world has completely shut down, the Humane Society for Hamilton County wants to share an important reminder.

“In addition to coming to Trends for Tails or shopping on Poshmark, it’s still super important to remember to go and visit the shelter,” Bousley implored. “We are still accepting animals. We do that 365 days a year and this doesn’t change anything… we’re still accepting donations … so there’s still amazing ways to help give back and help the shelter and the animals.”

Photo credit: Humane Society for Hamilton County Facebook page

Four Things You Need to Know About Trends for Tails Resale Boutique:

  • Trends for Tails boutique is an upscale resale boutique benefitting the Humane Society for Hamilton County. They offer a wide array of brands and items including men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, jewelry, home décor, art, sunglasses, handbags, and more.
  • The boutique’s physical storefront (located at 1109 S. Tenth Street in Noblesville) is currently closed during the COVID19 crisis, but you can still shop the boutique without even leaving the couch via Poshmark. They currently have at least 160 items listed and are adding more each day.
  • One thing they do want to share is while the boutique’s physical storefront is closed, the Humane Society for Hamilton County is still open. They still have lots of animals in need of forever homes, as well as an ongoing need for foster families, donations, and other assistance.
  • If you do visit the shelter in the near future, know they are taking precautions by only allowing only a small number of people allowed inside the facility at a time.

For more information about Trends for Tails, check out their website by clicking here. To see more photos and reviews by local Yelpers, check out their Yelp profile. You can also connect with them on social media via Facebook and Instagram. Click here to shop their online boutique on Poshmark.

For more info about the Humane Society for Hamilton County, check out their website by clicking here or connect with them on Facebook.

Looking to support other businesses that also help the Humane Society for Hamilton County? They suggest checking out the following businesses:

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