SoBro’s Next Door American Eatery reemerges with revamped international street food inspired concept, first ever brunch menu

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INDIANAPOLIS– 2020 was a tough year for local restaurants, forcing many to close their doors. One of those restaurants was Next Door American Eatery in SoBro.

However, the restaurant’s assistant director of culinary told us they always knew the closure was only temporary. 

Behind the scenes, the Next Door team was revamping and reinventing their concept, redesigning their interior and preparing to reemerge when the time was right.

That time came just a few weeks ago when they officially reopened their doors at the intersection of 46th Street and College Avenue. So, obviously, we had to go check it out. 

We’re headed to SoBro for a tasty tour of international flavors on this trip In Your Neighborhood.      


Photo credit: Next Door American Eatery

‘We are focused on global street food,” said Chris Sellati, assistant director of culinary for Kitchen Restaurant Group. “So, it’s exciting big bold flavors, spice and acid… Drinking food, right?” 

The exciting and revamped concept at Next Door Eatery includes a menu that takes guests on a tour of flavors from around the globe. 

So, you can have a different experience each time you visit. 

For a taste of Mexico, there’s the Mushroom Street Taco, which is made using marinated and grilled portabella mushrooms. 

“The tacos themselves are mulita tacos so the cheese is actually crispy brown on the outside of the tortilla instead of melted on the inside of the tortilla,” said Sellati. “We serve that with huitlacoche-crema and some salsa de arbol.”

Or head to Indonesia for some comfort food with their Bali-style Chicken Noodle Soto. 

Photo credit: Next Door American Eatery Facebook page

“We have a fortified chicken broth that we made with cinnamon, anise star, ginger, coriander… There’s tons of turmeric and cinnamon in it and super flavorful,” he explained. “It’s served with some poached chicken and rice noodles, mung bean sprouts as well as some chopped peanuts and herbs.”

One of their most adventurous menu items is the India-inspired SPDP, which is made with curried potato, onions, yellow curry, coconut cream and a cracker that puffs up and hollows out when fried. 

“We stuff that with some chutney and some tamarind and coriander as well as some sweet yogurt, crispy noodles and cilantro,” Sellati noted.

Photo credit: Next Door American Eatery Facebook page

You’ll also find some international flair on the drink menu with a margarita or the Tuk-Tuk Mojito. 

“Instead of mint, we’re using basil. Instead of simple syrup where are using a ginger chili syrup that we make here in the restaurant, some lime juice and some club soda,” explained Matty Carroll, beverage director for Kitchen Restaurant Group.

If you want to keep it closer to home there’s local craft beer on tap, the happy hour favorite SoBro Punch or a Bloody Mary. 

Photo credit: Next Door American Eatery Facebook page

“The really cool thing about the bloody is that on Saturday and Sunday when we offer brunch service, it’s going to be garnished with a really beautiful Nashville hot chicken slider,” said Carroll.

For more information about Next Door Eatery, check out their website by clicking here. To see more photos and reviews by local Yelpers, check out the restaurant’s Yelp page. You can also connect on social media via Facebook and Instagram.

Looking for a job? Next Door American Eatery says they are currently hiring! Click here to view all current job openings on their website.

Four Things You Need to Know About Next Door American Eatery:

  • Located at 4573 North College Avenue in SoBro, Next Door American Eatery (part of the Kitchen Restaurant Group) recently reopened their doors on July 26th after briefly closing in 2020. Behind the scenes, however, their team says they were always planning to reemerge. “We took a step back to take some time to revamp the concept and come up with some new cool food and drink but we never had any intention to not come back,” said Kitchen Restaurant Group’s Chris Sellati. “We shut down for the pandemic for a little bit and here we are ready to impress.”
  • The revamped menu is influenced by street food from around the world and features items from Next Door locations nationwide and exclusive-to-Indianapolis dishes developed by nationally-acclaimed chef and culinary director Michael Bertozzi. A few house favorites include mushroom street tacos, SPDP, Bali-style Chicken Noodle Soto and Pimento Cheese Hushpuppies.
  • With such a diverse menu, it’s also worth noting Next Door Eatery has tons of menu items that are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or offer a gluten-free option. 
  • Next Door Eatery offers happy hour daily from 4-5:30 p.m. and all day on Wednesdays. It’s also a very popular destination for brunch, which they offer on weekends from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Some top picks on their first-ever brunch menu includes the Pork Chop Biscuit, Banoffee French Toast Sticks and Bacon Egg and Cheese Poutine.

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