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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — February is considered the “month of love” for many. However, if you are single, odds are your least favorite pastime is scrolling through all the mushy Valentine’s Day Facebook posts.

Fortunately, if you’re fed up and need to blow off a little steam, there’s a place for you. Located just inside I-465 in Beech Grove (at 5508 Elmwood Avenue Suite 417), Wreck-A-Room is what’s known as a “rage room” or “smash room.” It’s a place where participants enjoy a safe space for some alternative stress relief.

“This is just an outlet…you know you can’t do this in your normal atmosphere,” said owner Jeffrey Wildauer.

 Opening Wreck-A-Room was a natural fit for Wildauer. Aside from being the owner of the city’s only rage room, he also buys and sells storage units, which provided plenty of stuff to wreck.

“Anything that doesn’t have a retail value to it or any items that are broken or defective–like flat screen TVs,” he said. “So what do you do with them? They come in here and they get bashed.”

Then, whatever is left over is recycled.

In just the six months since Wreck-A-Room opened, Wildauer says the response has been astonishing.

“I have people from Muncie coming already. People just really love to come in, smash stuff and have fun,” he said.

Photo credit: Wreck-A-Room YouTube channel

Rage rooms are a popular destination for team-building and other co-worker outings, but Wildauer says Wreck-A-Room has become most popular for as a destination for groups and—yes—even dates.

But he’s definitely seen his fair share of scorned exes and frustrated employees.

“I actually did have a few people in here who did bring in photographs of people who annoy them in life and they put them on the wall and put them on the dummy over there and they went at it,” he said.

Four Things You Need to Know About Wreck-A-Room

  • Wreck-A-Room is the only “rage room” in the Indy area. Since opening nearly six months ago, owner Jeffrey Wildauer has seen a tremendous response. People come from as far as Muncie for their chance to blow off a little steam here!
  • Package prices range from $10-$50 and include anywhere from 5-30 minutes and up to 50 smashable items. Or you can request a custom room.
  • The best way to book is via the website. There, you’ll see all the packages, prices and info. They even offer “Smash Certificates” (gift certificates). Also, keep your eyes peeled for Groupon deals, including this half-off deal!
  • When it comes to safety, you are completely suited up with coveralls, a mask and gloves but they do require long pants and flat, closed-toed shoes.

The process of planning an outing at Wreck-A-Room starts by visiting their website and booking a package.

Package prices range from $10 to $50 and include anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes and up to 50 smashable items. Package names include “Tantrum Time,” “I Had a Bad Day,” “Rage Time” and “I Want to be a Psycho Lunatic,” just to name a few. Or you can opt for a custom room featuring items of your choice.

They even offer a “Date Package”.

“It costs $50 and you get 50 items,” explained Wildauer. “And you come in here for 30 minutes and the smaller the pieces, the better!”

When you come on the day of your reservation, you’ll come in and sign a waiver before getting suited up in coveralls and protective gear like gloves and a face mask or safety goggles. However, there are a few rules when it comes to attire.

“We prefer that you wear pants, no shorts. No open-toed shoes, no high heels, no sandals,” Wildauer said.

Before you start, you can even plug into their amplifier system and jam out to music of your choice.

Finally, when you’re ready, it’s time to grab a baseball bat and go crazy.

Afterwards, you can even commemorate your visit.

“As a cool down method, I’ll let them take a picture of themselves and then they sign the wall,” he said.

For more information about Wreck-A-Room, check out their website by clicking here. You can also connect with them on social media via FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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