Paw Street Bakery brings joy to dogs, owners through custom treats and gifts while carrying on family legacy in Plainfield

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PLAINFIELD, Ind. — Courtney Bruner is a Plainfield native with entrepreneurship in her blood.

Her dad owned the beloved local landmark Al’s Donuts for 20 years before his passing 10 years ago.

“I grew up in small businesses…We supported small businesses,” said Bruner. “And now it’s kind of cool to become a small business owner in the town I grew up.”

Now, Courtney is continuing the legacy through owning a small business that also focuses on pastries.

But these pastries are all for the love of dogs.

You’ll find her shop— Paw Street Bakery— at 120 East Main Street in the heart of downtown Plainfield. In just the four short years it’s been open, Paw Street has become a must-visit for doting dog parents.

With four dogs of her own, Bruner says opening Paw Street Bakery just made sense.

“We were spending a lot of money on treats and decided, ‘Let’s go ahead and open our own shop,” she said.

Now, every day is “Bring Your Dog to Work Day” here and Bruner loves every moment of sharing this experience with her family, her pups, and her furry customers.

“Getting to make other dogs happy and letting them come here and know it’s a safe, fun place where they can visit,” she said.

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Here you’ll find an array of treats like biscuits from their Biscuit Bar, soft treats in 3-5 different flavors, gourmet treats with dog-safe icing in fun seasonal shapes, customized icing designs and out of this world creativity, including-- yes—even a Baby Yoda cookie.

Photo credit: Rachel Bogle

They even have their own line of frozen yogurt.

“We just released a new flavor for Coco, our mastiff, called Cocobanana,” Bruner said. “So, she’s launched her new flavor and it’s been very popular.

Photo credit: Paw Street Bakery Facebook page

Their treats are all made using human-grade, dog safe and organic ingredients, which makes owners just a happy as the pups themselves.

“To say that they love the treats would be an understatement and every time they come in, they’re spoiled,” said customer Victoria O’Brien, who said she’s been bringing her dogs to Paw Street Bakery since they were puppies.

And nothing says spoiled like a dog birthday party, complete with photo-ops, gift baskets, party hats and even cakes.

Photo credit: Paw Street Bakery Facebook page

“We have birthday cakes in stock and we have custom birthday cakes so you can write whatever you want on there for your fur friend’s birthday,” Bruner said.

When it comes to gifts, you’ll also find accessories like bandanas and bow-ties for your pooch… as well as human-friendly gifts like customized cups and shirts.

“My mother in law does all of our custom cups, the bandanas, the t-shirts we sell,” Bruner explained. “We have a lot of fun with different people coming in and wanting certain sayings that are breed specific.”

And just in time for Spring, you can order custom Easter baskets.

“So, we’ll have ‘Happy Easter Princess Gizmo’ or ‘Happy Easter Coco’ so they customize their Easter basket for their dog,” Bruner said.

Photo credit: Paw Street Bakery Facebook page

Whether they are making memories in-store in front of their birthday-booth or Instagram-friendly seasonal wall, pet parents love to snap photos so Bruner can add them to the shop’s picture wall.

“It’s fun to get the picture from the customers and they get excited when they come in and their friends will see them on the wall,” Bruner said. “It’s gotten so big that we’re going to have to readjust some of [them] because we have so many pictures now that we’re going to be able to fill up that whole wall!”

Photo credit: Paw Street Bakery Facebook page

Four Things You Need to Know About Paw Street Bakery:

  • Courtney Bruner is a Plainfield native whose family has been involved in owning businesses for decades. Her father owned Al’s Donuts for 20 years before he passed away in 2009. Now, she’s carrying on the entrepreneurial legacy through owning her own shop, Paw Street Bakery, which opened 4 years ago.
  • They offer an array of merchandise for both humans and pups, including custom cups, shirts, and dog bandanas and bowties. They also offer treats by the pound in their Biscuit Bar, soft treats, gourmet treats, frozen yogurt and custom cakes. Everything they make uses human-grade, dog-safe, natural and organic ingredients.
  • Paw Street Bakery remains open but during the current COVID19 crisis, they ask that if you’re feeling ill, you refrain from coming in to the shop. They are taking precautions in-store and would be happy to ship any purchases to your home.
  • Paw Street Bakery puts on several special events for holidays and other festivities, so keep an eye on their social media for information about any upcoming dates as they are released.

For more information about Paw Street Bakery, check out their website by clicking here. To see more photos and reviews by local Yelpers, check out their Yelp profile. You can also connect with them on social media via Facebook and Instagram.

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