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CARMEL, Ind. — Just because summer is over, doesn’t mean the quest for a strong healthy body goes out the window.

In fact, if you were to walk past Solidcore in Carmel’s Clay Terrace, you might assume it’s the area’s newest must-visit nightclub rather than a fitness studio.

Solidcore originally launched in Washington, D.C. in November 2013. Then, last December, the first and only Solidcore location in Indiana opened at 14311 Clay Terrace Boulevard in Carmel.

“It’s been a wonderful thing for the Carmel and surrounding community,” said studio manager Brooke Senger. “It’s unlike anything they had yet, so it’s good for us to be here and spread the love.”

So what is Solidcore all about?

“We are really all about creating the strongest version of yourself as kind of like our mission for the company. And that’s in everyday aspects of your life,” explained Senger. “It’s not just working out.”

The workout itself looks a lot like Pilates. It’s done on a machine called “Sweatlana,” which is a resistance-based machine similar to a reformer. It’s high intensity and low impact, so–unlike HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts—there are zero breaks. But since the Solidcore workout is low impact, it’s also joint-friendly.

“The goal is continual tension in your muscles…trying to work until you can’t move into the next rep and that point of breaking,” said Senger. “We try to get you to every single muscle. Once you do your right leg, we’re not going to come back to it. It should be exhausted.”

“That feeling post class [is], ‘I am exhausted in the best way possible,” she added.

In just one of their intense 50 minute classes, students burn an average of 400 to 600 calories.

“We like to call the best comparison ‘Pilates meets boot camp,’ so you’re still going to have those slow controlled motions through class,” Senger said. “But you’re still going to get that high-intensity, full-body workout that you would get in a boot camp class.”

The atmosphere is just as high energy as the workout and its instructors. Senger says that’s all by design.

“The vibe is kind of like a club. We turn it really dark so you can’t focus on anyone else… you have a coach on a mic and they talk you through the entire class,” she explained.

Photo Credit: Yelp Indy via Marissa F.

Classes are small–with a maximum of 15 machines in most studios–so clients get personalized attention by their coach and a feeling of community with their classmates.

“You can see our friends in the studio. We call them your teammates. We call them ‘your friend next to you.’ You want to work with them and you’re never in comparison with the person next to you,” Senger said.

“Our coaches are all about that [community]. They’re going to connect with your life. They’re going to know about your dog. They are going to want to see you next week and push you to do maybe one more rep next time,” she added.

Solidcore offers beginning classes through the week as well as full body and advanced specialty classes like “arms and abs” and “buns and guns.”

Four Things You Need to Know About Solidcore Carmel

  • The normal drop in rate for a Solidcore class is $24. However, they are currently running new client specials like the 2 for $34 package or a discounted 10 pack of classes (valid for 3 months), as well as various types of monthly memberships depending on how often you go.
  • During your first month at the studio, Senger recommends attending classes twice a week. “Spreading them out, the recovery time and taking those days off—those rest days—are just as important as the actual workout so you can get back stronger the next time you come in,” she said.
  • The Solidcore workout is best described as “Pilates meets boot camp.” It’s a high-intensity, low-impact workout that uses a machine that looks similar to a Pilates reformer, nicknamed “Sweatlana.”
  • Small class sizes help fitness enthusiasts form a sense of community.

And, yes, even the toughest guys love it.

“It’s not a feminine workout by any means,” Senger noted.

Each machine is spring-loaded between three pounds and upwards of 150 pounds, so workouts can be modified for clients of various ages and experience levels.

“We can make it work for any level in the room, whether you haven’t worked out in a year or you just had a kid and you’re trying to get back into it, or you’re a CrossFit competition,” she said. “If you are in your 20s, in your 60s, we want you in the studio.”

For more info on Solidcore, check out their official website by clicking here. To see more photos and reviews by local Yelpers, check out their Yelp profile. You can also connect with them on social media via Facebook or Instagram.

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