Foodie Spotlight: ReDux in Carmel puts modern twist on classic dishes

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Indianapolis is quickly becoming one of the hottest food cities in America.  A destination for true foodies who are interested in everything from fine dining to food trucks.  This column will put the spotlight on one of these local hot spots to help get the word out and share in the love of all things food.

Review by Dustin Heller (@eatindywatchindie on Instagram)

Who says that all the trendy foodie spots have to reside in Downtown or Broad Ripple?

There is a new hidden gem in Carmel that is giving northsiders a reason to be excited.  ReDux (formerly Stompin’ Barley) is located at 14560 River Road and is ready to make its mark on the Indy food scene with their take on new American cuisine.  Owners Alesia and Richard DeBoer wanted a fresh start with a new head chef and a new and exciting menu, so they decided to change the name.  The word "redux" literally means "to bring back to or revive" and that's exactly what they’re doing--only better.

Photo by @davepluimer

ReDux has a very chill ambiance with soft overhead mood lighting and a casual yet trendy interior.  The dining area is enhanced with some beautiful artwork, but the highlight is the lively bar tucked away in the back corner.  ReDux can be the perfect place for date night, family night or just a drink at the bar after a long day of work.

Photo by @davepluimer

When it comes to the food, Executive Chef Jon Radford is the one overseeing the kitchen and bringing these inspiring dishes to life.  The menu contains some classics with a modern twist along with some bolder options for those of us a little more adventurous.

The food is high-end, but the prices are not.  They’ve managed to offer up some pretty spectacular dishes without breaking the bank.  The menu changes regularly, so you might want to hurry in so you don’t miss out on these “can’t miss” items:

Tuscan Meatball: These meatballs are the definition of comfort food when it comes to Italian cuisine.  They will make any true Italian feel right at home.  Chef Radford told me that he’d put his meatballs up against any in the country.  Bold statement, right?  Well, after tasting them, I’m definitely not going to argue with him.  The meatballs are made in-house and served the way mom intended: as a shareable plate with a grilled baguette and not on top of spaghetti.  The flavor of the meatball is outrageous, but when it’s smothered in Sunday gravy and melted provolone, it is truly out of this world.  It might be called a shareable plate, but I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to share.

Photo by @davepluimer

Pan Seared Halibut: This dish is soon to be a permanent fixture on the ReDux summer menu, and trust me when I say that this is one fantastic piece of fish!  The halibut is big and flaky with a delightful sweet taste.  The searing adds an outer crust to seal in all of that flavor.  The fish is a meal in itself, but they serve it with a light puttanesca salad that complements it perfectly.  For good measure, the dish also comes with a sweet corn fritter and queso fresco.  This is the summer dish you don’t want to miss.

Photo by @davepluimer

Coffee Dusted Pork Tenderloins: When I saw the word "dusted," I was thinking it might have a slight coffee flavor. Boy, was I wrong! The richness of the coffee combined with the smokiness of the pork makes the flavors literally jump off the plate.  The expertly cooked tenderloins are placed atop a bed of Parmesan risotto and braised garlic spinach.  I’d much prefer to start my morning with these pork tenderloins than a boring ol’ cup of coffee.

Photo by @davepluimer

Pan Roasted Duck Breast: When prepared correctly, duck is one of my favorite proteins.  When it’s not, it can be a disaster.  The duck breast at ReDux was tender and juicy and cooked to perfection.  They serve it with wild rice and roasted Brussels sprouts.  I could make a meal out of the Brussels sprouts alone.  My advice: never be scared of the duck if you’re dealing with a chef you trust.

Photo by @davepluimer

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