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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Experience Asian-fusion cuisine like never before at Rook in Indianapolis.

The trendy spot is downtown off Virginia Avenue in the Fletcher Place neighborhood. It's a learning experience in Asian culture, and Yelpers give Rook Indy top reviews!

"It is Asian street food," explains Chef Carlos Salazar of Rook Indy.

Chef Carlos brings the flavors of Korea, China, Japan and southwest Asia with his own Filipino flair to our corner of the world in Indiana.

4 Things You Need to Know about Rook Indianapolis

  • Chef Carlos’ Pig Face Hash puts crispy pork and rice together that leaves Yelpers eating face first sans utensils.
  • Those Dan Dan Noodles have a spicy kick, but we all need a flavorful kick in the mouth and this dish delivers.
  • Yelpers love the friendly bartenders who chat as they mix cocktails in front of you.
  • Rook will strip any and all prejudices you had against Spam with its Spam Steamed Buns filled with coleslaw and Moroccan barbecue.

"I use Spam because it is childhood memories for me. In the Philippines, Spam and rice, that is what I ate for breakfast and lunch and sometimes dinner," says Chef Carlos.

Yes, you read that correctly, the Span Steamed Buns is a dish focused on the canned meat.

"You look at Spam and it is four or five ingredients. Pork shoulder, ham, starch and salt and sugar," explains Chef Carlos.

Adds Brittany Smith from Yelp Indy, "One of the things that is standing out in the reviews is you’ve gotta try the Spam Steamed Buns. A lot of people have misconceptions about Spam. Here Chef Carlos breaks the mold. You will find Moroccan barbecue sauce, a coleslaw in between two stem buns. I was a skeptic at first but it is one of the best dishes on Yelp."

Rook Indy's kitchen brings the street food vibe into a modern restaurant setting. Chef Carlos' Pig Face Hash puts crispy pork and rice together than Yelpers each sans utensils.

Every dish is unique, spiced up by Chef Carlos, especially the Halo, Halo. The dessert includes red beans!

"Chef Carlos does a great take on it. It is very colorful and vibrant," explains Smith.

Smith says Yelpers think of the Halo, Halo like a milkshake. It's shaved ice with milk then add in the chilies, lemongrass, lime, beans and fruit. The dessert is topped with marshmallow--it's sensory overload and it's delicious!

"Then, we torch it to give it a more of a different flavor, campfire. Then top it off with Bo Bay ice cream which is a purple yam," explains Chef Carlos.

The menu at Rook changes each month, as they serve Hoosiers lunch and dinner.

Yelpers also love the friendly bartenders!

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