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FISHERS, Ind. — Amanda Moor and her family had lived in fishers for over five years when she decided something was missing.

That something was in indoor cycling studio that not only engaged riders but also cultivated a fitness community.

“An indoor cycling fitness community was missing from Fishers in this area,” she recalled. “And I really did some research and did some in-depth looking at different types of franchise models [and] different type of cycle workouts and CycleBar just blew me away.”

CycleBar Fishers Franchise Owner, Amanda Moor (Photo Credit: CycleBar Fishers Facebook page)

So, she decided to open her own CycleBar location in December of 2019 at the new, much-talked-about Fishers District, located at 11545 IKEA Way, just off 116th St and I-69.

And—for Moor—choosing the location at the Fishers District was a no-brainer.

“Seeing the growth and seeing when this development was going to come up and on my radar and there’s just nothing like it… It’s the first of its kind,” she said.

Photo Credit: Fishers District official website

The ease of being able to park in one area and enjoy multiple businesses within the complex has made the overall experience positive not only for the business owners, but for the patrons as well. 

“There’s so much collaboration between the different businesses. We all help each other. All of our members have a general community to go in,” she said. “They get a great work-out here, [then] they’re able to get a smoothie next door or a donut or sit down to eat. So it truly is a lifestyle center.”

The tagline on the info section of CycleBar’s official website says, “No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we’ve got a ride for you.”

And Moor says that the CycleBar experience is one meant for men and women of all age ranges and walks of life.

“All of our workouts can be adapted to anyone that walks in the door,” she said. “So you can be a fitness and indoor outdoor cycling pro… Or it can be the first time you’ve ever tried to get a workout.”

“Our membership base ranges from high schoolers to middle aged and older…We have about every demographic in between,” she added. “You can’t get that in every workout and every boutique fitness place you go to but you can here.”

Riders can expect a truly unique full body fitness experience that’s just as entertaining as it is challenging.

There’s no need to bring any special gear, because cycle shoes, lockers and towels are all complimentary. Just check in, get on your pre-selected bike and get ready for a high energy ride in a dark room led by one of their mega-motivating certified instructors—known as “Cycle Stars.”

Moor says one thing that sets them apart is their new high-tech smart bikes.

“They calibrate to the input you are actually doing during the workout so you really are getting consistent results,” she said.

Photo Credit: CycleBar Fishers Facebook page

If you’re feeling competitive, you can opt in to see your stats on the leaderboard. Or opt out and track your workout through your bike’s individual monitor.

Then, the smart bikes will gather the data from your ride and instantly E-mail it to you after your ride so you can track your progress.

CycleBar offers four main class formats.

There’s the Classic, which is a mix of strength, endurance, challenges, hills and drills. The Performance ride allows riders to further challenge themselves using the CycleStats technology. 

“[The Performance ride is] for the very competitive folks who really like to compete against themselves, each other, friends,” Moor said. “Whatever your motivation is, you can be on the leaderboard and just heavily concentrate on that the whole class.”

Photo Credit: CycleBar Fishers Facebook page

There’s also the Connect ride, which is a non-competitive ride where participants unplug and tune in to the music for a truly connected ride in a sanctuary-life environment.

“You just feel the rhythm, feel the ride, get into the zone and still get a good workout,” said Moor.

The newest format is called the Empower ride, which—according to the website—allows the rider to empower themselves and “Tap into your strength, your power and your mindset during this athletic ride.”

Another new addition is the 30-minute Express ride option for those on a tight schedule.

However, if you think this is just a lower body workout, think again.

“Every one of our workouts includes a one song segment that included a weighted bar. We have 2 bars that are in holsters in the front of the bike so the instructor will guide you to pick up your bar. We have some that [choose to use the] double bar.. they choose their weight so it’s up to you,” Moor noted. “In that way it truly is a full body resistance-based cardio workout.”

Photo Credit: CycleBar Fishers Facebook page

When you’re done “Rocking your Ride”, don’t forget to take a selfie in front of their Instagram-friendly motivation wall or shop for some new workout gear in their boutique area.

Photo Credit: CycleBar Fishers Facebook page

Four Things You Need to Know About CycleBar Fishers:

  • CycleBar Fishers opened in December of 2019 in the Fishers District. Franchise owner Amanda Moor said she chose the Fishers District because it’s a first-of-its-kind lifestyle center and she knew it was the perfect location to open CycleBar since Fishers was missing an indoor cycling boutique-style studio that felt like a real community.
  • You don’t need any prior experience and aren’t required to bring any special gear since the cycle shoes are a free amenity. When you check in, a staff member will help you size the shoes get you on your way. They offer a variety of different class formats: the Classic, Performance, Connect Empower, as well as a 30-minute Express ride. And if you love the music on your Cycle Star’s (instructor) playlist, you can download it after the class!
  • Your first ride at CycleBar is always free!  Then, if you want to stick with it, they have various membership options as well as packages available.
  • They are also very dedicated to their Cycle Gives initiative, which is an opportunity for groups to raise money for a charity, school fundraiser or other local cause through proceeds from a “Cycle Gives ride.” They’ve also branched out to offer private events and private rides as well.

For more information about CycleBar Fishers, check out their website by clicking here. To see more photos and reviews by local Yelpers, check out their Yelp profile. You can also connect with them on social media via Facebook and Instagram.

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