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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – It’s not every day that an overseas company chooses Indianapolis as their flagship location in the United States. But that’s exactly what New Zealand-based BurgerFuel did.

“Indianapolis just kind of felt like home,” said Kate McGahan, communications manager for BurgerFuel.

Now, Broad Ripple is getting a taste of New Zealand’s original gourmet burger.

“In New Zealand, everything is really pure and fresh and green and natural and those are values that we instill into the ingredients we select and the burgers we serve,” McGahan said.

When it comes to menu favorites, according to their glowing Yelp reviews, it just depends on what you’re into. Their menu features things like dairy free milkshakes and “Motobites,” which Yelpers describe as a sort of vegan hush-puppy.

And of course, there’s a vast array of burgers. For more traditional beef burger lovers, there’s the Third-Pounder, as well as a chicken burger called the Bacon Backfire, and the V8 Vegan.

“We’ve got these crumbed pumpkin, chickpea, and ginger bites in there that have these beautiful orange sweet pumpkin taste to them. We also have raw beets, chia seeds, smashed pea mix, as well as micro-greens,” said Marketing Manager Alexis Lam.

But their number one burger might have you doing a double take at the menu.

“[The] Bastard. Biggest burger on our menu… It’s got raw beet root and chia seeds, mango, Burger Fuel aoli, batch brewed tomato relish, salad, homemade bun,” said McGahan.

Of course, we couldn’t not ask where that name came from.

“There’s a really famous mountaineer call sir Edmund Hillary from New Zealand who climbed to the top of Mt. Everest and as he got to the top he said a very famous line which is ‘He’s knocked the bastard off.’ So that is really where the name comes from.  It’s certainly stood a bit of curiosity since we arrived in America,” McGahan said.

The food is just one part of the BurgerFuel experience. Cars, music, and creativity are themes that make themselves known throughout the restaurant and surrounding neighborhood, from their purple BurgerFuel muscle cars to graffiti art.

And although they are relatively new to the area, the business didn’t hesitate to start giving back to three local causes each month. Customers even have the opportunity to decide how the money is divvied.

“Every month we support three awesome local causes. Every time you come in to Burger Fuel you are given a token when you order. Each cause has a jar in our store. You pop the token in the jar voting for the cause of your choice. At the end of the month we tally it up and split $500 between the causes,” explained McGahan.

Four Things You Need to Know:

  • 1: BurgerFuel is more than food. It’s a lifestyle and culture, with a big passion for cars, art, and creativity. They even have their own global BurgerFuel radio station called Radio BurgerFuel.
  • 2: Yelpers love the indie atmosphere and art work of BurgerFuel, because it fits perfectly in the rest of Broad Ripple.
  • 3: BurgerFuel features a wide menu, offering plenty of healthy options including 100% grass fed beef, vegan burgers, organic milkshakes, motobites, and many gluten free options. If you are over 21, be sure to inquire about unique choices like adult milkshakes!
  • 4: BurgerFuel donates to 3 different local philanthropies each month, and each order receives a token for customers to vote on where the money goes.

So what’s next for BurgerFuel?

Expansion, of course.

“We’re really excited about making Indy BurgerFuel’s home in the US. We’re looking for more people to join the Burger Fuel movement,” Lam said.

Based on their warm reception in Broad Ripple, Hoosiers are ready to support them too. Because even though they originated in New Zealand, it’s apparent that Hoosier hospitality is something they already have in common.

“They’re not just a business from New Zealand.  They’re now a Hoosier business,” said Smith.

You can check out BurgerFuel on Yelp or on their website for more information. You can also connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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