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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — In December 2019, Best Friends Pet Hotel was reintroduced to the Indianapolis community as a totally revamped and employee-owned luxury destination for pets to live their best life.

According to hotel manager, Jamie Crutchfield, being an employee-owned business is an important piece of the vision at Best Friends Pet Hotel, for both the employees and the patrons.

“Being employee-owned means that we are invested in the business…. Each and every one of us is here to invest in the company and the longer we stay, the more we are invested,” Crutchfield said. “So it’s in everybody’s interest to stay for a long time, which means pets have familiar faces.”

Whether you’re getting ready to head off for a spring break vacation or just looking for a place to care for your dog—or cat—while you’re at work, Best Friends Pet Hotel—located at 8224 Bash Street in the heart of Castleton—might be your new go-to. 

The employees are pet owners themselves, who bring their own dogs to stay at the hotel and aim to create a special bond with their furry guests and their humans.

“We get to know these pets and their parents,” she said. “And we love them like they’re our own.”

Photo Credit: Best Friends Pet Hotel Facebook page

There’s a lot for pets—and their owners—to love at Best Friends Pet Hotel.  

Like the huge indoor play space, where pups are separated based on size and play style.

“We have 1300 square feet of indoor place space that is a rubber epoxy floor that is safe for paws and claws,” Crutchfield noted.

Photo Credit: Best Friends Pet Hotel Facebook page

Dogs who thrive in social situations with other pups would likely enjoy their Day Camp option, where they get to enjoy playtime in one of their group areas. 

“We have our small dog group and our large dog group,” she said. “Then, we also house or play with dogs that may not do well in groups and need an individual experience, more one on one with people, and we have a separate area for them.”

Photo Credit: Best Friends Pet Hotel Facebook page

The more personalized, one-on-one experience is called Day Care, and it’s an offering that makes Best Friends Pet Hotel pretty unique.

 “A lot of places don’t have that and you’re kind of out of luck… You take your dog and you go home,” explained Crutchfield. ”But here they can stay, play with people and still get that interaction and that socialization that they would need.”

Pups can also enjoy running around and getting some fresh air in the outdoor play area before coming to relax in one of their 86 regular boarding suites or a luxury pet suite with all the extras.

“They have some movies they can watch while they’re here with their own little TV and some luxury bedding options and things like that,” she said.

Photo Credit: Best Friends Pet Hotel Facebook page

So, what movies do dogs like to watch while they are living the luxe life in their suites?

“Typically, we like to play things that are nature related so they like to watch documentaries on Animal Planet or we’ll play Finding Nemo or anything Disney related,” Crutchfield explained. “Kind of the same things your children would like that reduce stress and keep happy tones…You want stuff on that’s going to resemble things they would hear at home.”

Pet parents can log on to the website and watch their dog in the group play area via their webcams. Plus, they can also log on to their PetChatz app, where they see their dog in their luxury suite, video chat and even feed them treats.

A luxury boarding suite (Photo Credit: Yelp Indy via Best Friends Pet Hotel)

“A lot of people really like the camera option,” she said. “They can get on, they can see that their dog is being loved on, cared for, that the facility is staying clean.”

One thing that makes best friends pet hotel unique is that their guests aren’t limited to canines only.

“We also offer cat boarding in our ‘Kitty City’ [area] and pocket pet boarding as well, so if you have hamsters or fish that you don’t want to leave home, we’ll take those as well,” she said.

Photo Credit: Best Friends Pet Hotel

Aside from pet boarding, they also offer full-service grooming, training, day camp, and day care— with a special deal for first-time visitors.

“You always get your first day free—[whether it’s] Day Care or Day Camp—and your first night free of boarding,” Crutchfield said. 

Four Things You Need to Know About Best Friends Pet Hotel:

  • Best Friends Pet Hotel has two locations around the Indy area: one in Carmel and the newest is located in Castleton at 8224 Bash Street. Locals may already be familiar with this location, which was in place up until 2017 when they closed for a revamp. “Our company did a big switch-over [and] switched to employee-owned,” explained hotel manager, Jamie Crutchfield. “Then we reopened this center in December after a lot of remodeling and revamping to give it more of a luxury experience.”
  • Best Friends Pet Hotel has 86 overnight standard suites, as well as their top-of-the-line luxury suites, where pups can watch movies, have natural light, and parents can FaceTime and distribute treats using their PetChatz mobile app. Pet parents can also enjoy watching their dogs on webcams in the various play areas. When it comes to boarding, they also welcome cats (in their “Kitty City” area and suites as well as boarding for “pocket pets” like gerbils, hamsters or even fish. Aside from boarding, they offer grooming, training, day care and day camp services. 
  • For first-time visitors, there’s always an interview and introduction process where they will ask about your pet’s likes, dislikes and what sort of social situations they have been in to figure out how they can best cater to their needs. Pups who thrive in social situations with other dogs will be slowly introduced to Day Camp (with other dogs) and dogs who do not do as well in social situations will enjoy one-on-one play with one of their trained staff in Day Care. 
  • Best Friends Pet Hotel is also very active in supporting pet adoption through special events, including one event coming up on Saturday, March 21st, where there will be food trucks, hotel tours and rescue groups on hand.

For more information about Best Friends Pet Hotel, check out their website by clicking here. To see more photos and reviews by local Yelpers, check out their Yelp profile. You can also connect with them on social media via Facebook and Instagram.

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