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INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana officials have released a third-party review of state-level law enforcement agencies.

Last year, Gov. Eric Holcomb commissioned the independent report, which includes several recommendations focused on training and transparency.

According to the governor’s office, which released the report Monday, several state agencies have already implemented some of the changes recommended.

Among the recommendations, the report calls on the state Law Enforcement Training Board to set specific statewide standards for police training.

“It’s not a shock,” said Maj. Stephen Luce, director of public safety education for Indiana University. “Comparatively speaking, Indiana does training well, but we also know that there are some gaps.”

Maj. Luce, who oversees the Indiana University Police Academy, said those gaps are inconsistencies in training.

Law enforcement academies across the state have been working together on setting statewide standards on topics like use of force and de-escalation, he said, but the process takes time.

“We as an industry in Indiana recognize that we’ve got some work to do,” Maj. Luce said.

The 100-page report also recommends the Indiana State Police develop a plan to recruit and promote more women and people of color and implement implicit bias training. 

The Indiana State Police declined our request for an interview Monday, but Gov. Eric Holcomb issued a statement, saying in part: “I made a commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable environment for all Hoosiers to take part in and that commitment meant taking a critical look at our state’s law enforcement … As the assessment progressed, the agencies initiated an implementation of some of the recommendations and are working toward reviewing and implementing the remaining items.”

Officials with the Indiana State Police are willing to discuss the report once they have reviewed it, according to a spokesperson.

The Indiana Law Enforcement Academy issued a statement as well, saying: “The ILEA is reviewing the report. We welcome the opportunity to improve and standardize law enforcement training around the state and look forward to the challenge.”

To read the full report, click here.