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INDIANAPOLIS – Hoosier voters will decide on a new Secretary of State this November. This comes after incumbent Holli Sullivan lost the GOP nomination to former Mike Pence aide Diego Morales.

The Indiana Secretary of State oversees elections and voting.

Morales, who has served in the National Guard and worked in state government, has made election security a big focus of his campaign.

“One voter fraud [incident] to me is too many,” Morales said.

If elected, Morales wants to hire a team of election fraud investigators and require voters to include a copy of their photo ID when applying for an absentee ballot.

He has also proposed cutting the number of early voting days in half, from 28 days to 14 days.

“They need to have the opportunity to vote,” Morales said. “What I’m trying to figure out here is how can we save some taxpayers money, obviously, so we can use these resources perhaps in other ways.”

Opponents have been critical of Morales’ employment record with the Indiana Secretary of State’s office, as well as his comments on the 2020 election.

In an op-ed published in Hoosier State Today earlier this year, he wrote, “the outcome is questionable.”

We asked him why he continues to raise doubts about the election, despite no evidence of widespread fraud.

“I already moved on,” Morales responded. “My focus is 2022, 2023 and the 2024 elections.”

Morales is facing Democrat Destiny Wells, an attorney and Army Reserve lieutenant colonel.

“I want to make sure that we at least keep the status quo of what we have right now,” Wells said of election regulations.

Wells said she is focusing her campaign on expanding voter turnout. She argues voting can be made easier without risking security.

“Why is a photo ID only from a public university accepted and not a private university?” she said. “These are very reasonable measures.”

Democrats say they plan to be especially aggressive in this race as they believe they can win.

“The Republicans had quite a dogfight over the weekend to pick their nominee,” said Mike Schmuhl, Indiana Democratic Party chair. “And I think that Diego Morales is a direct threat to Hoosier democracy.”

The Secretary of State has to work with the Indiana legislature to make changes to election law.

Morales and Wells will also face Libertarian Jeff Maurer in the November election.