INDIANAPOLIS – On this week’s edition of IN Focus, we’re sitting down with Rep. Greg Pence (R-IN-6) to hear his thoughts on the issues shaping Washington, D.C, and his opinion on the political future of his brother, former Vice President and Indiana Governor Mike Pence.

This week, the former VP called on U.S. officials to take a tougher stance against Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. It all comes at Capitol Hill sends an $800 million boost to the Ukrainian military through ammunition and helicopters. As lawmakers return to their districts for the spring recess, Rep. Pence is describing the numerous challenges facing the country, from the invasion to skyrocketing inflation.

Speaking with Statehouse Reporter Kristen Eskow, Rep. Pence said he is “not sure” if the multi-million dollar aid package is enough to help the Ukrainian forces. He thinks the U.S. should monitor the money closely and act based on how it’s spent. Rep. Pence says that the U.S. should continue doing “what it needs to do” to help what he calls a the tragic situation in eastern Europe.

“This is probably our third bite at the apple trying to help them with military support,” Rep. Pence said. “I think we just need to keep on top of it the whole time.”

On sanctions, Rep. Pence thinks the U.S. should’ve taken a more forceful approach before the invasion began. Through his role on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, he says action could’ve been taken months ago to deter Russian aggression.

“I think we’re doing everything we can right now, it’s what we didn’t do before all this started,” Rep. Pence said.

Turning to rising inflation, Rep. Pence blamed Democratic lawmakers for doing little to help the economy. He believes lawmakers will go after oil companies, a move he views as unnecessary. He thinks those efforts will only raise oil and gas prices even higher, causing more pain at the pump. Rep. Pence says the moves will affect all sectors of the American economy, from the manufacturing to farming industries.

“Petroleum is the lifeblood of our economy,” Rep. Pence said. “We haven’t even seen the end of inflation yet.”

As officials from the White House tour the country to tout the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Rep. Pence feels that the legislation leaves rural communities out of the conversation. Rep. Pence voted against the bill in Congress, and feels that the law benefits transit systems in big cities.

“The definition of urban that was the focus of the infrastructure bill I think was wrong,” Rep. Pence said. “I represent mainly rural Indiana. What we should do is focus on that and expand that, which we didn’t do.”

On the former VP’s future, Rep. Pence was quick to say that he would support his brother in a 2024 presidential run.

“I think my brother’s got a servant’s heart,” Rep. Pence said. “My brother’s got the guts, he’s got the leadership to be the actual next president.”

Watch more from Rep. Greg Pence’s conversation with Kristen Eskow in the video above.