IN Focus: Rep. Bucshon discusses debt ceiling, infrastructure negotiations, vaccine mandates

IN Focus: Indiana Politics

INDIANAPOLIS – As lawmakers in Washington continue to battle over infrastructure funding and vaccine mandates, some Indiana politicians are voicing their concerns over spending. Congress recently passed a last-minute bill to fund the federal government through Dec. 3 with President Biden’s signature coming soon after. A large majority of Republicans voted against it.

One lawmaker who opposed the bill is Rep. Larry Bucshon of Indiana’s 8th district, representing Evansville and Terre Haute. The Republican congressman appeared on this week’s edition of IN Focus to discuss his thoughts on government spending, infrastructure, and the latest news on COVID-19 in Indiana.

Bucshon pushed back at a number of Democratic initiatives, including climate change policies that are wrapped into part of the larger infrastructure package. Voicing his concerns, Bucshon feels that the policies being debated may divert funds to larger metropolitan areas, and feels that the priorities of his community – roads, bridges, airports, and rural broadband – are being put behind the needs of big cities like Chicago and New York. 

“A lot of it is for climate change related issues and, honestly, funding priorities in larger cities with transit that have already received tens of billions of dollars in the Democrats American Rescue Plan,” Bucshon said. “We just can’t come to an agreement.”

Congressman Bucshon also weighed in on President Biden’s plan for nationwide employer vaccine mandates, reiterating his calls for Americans to get vaccinated while opposing specific mandates from the government.

“I support vaccination, I think it’s safe and effective, but you know I also support people making individual choices for themselves,” said Bucshon.

In the video above, see our interview with Attorney General Todd Rokita (R-IN), who has also opposed federal vaccination mandates, and from the White House vaccination coordinator, who was here in Indianapolis last week.

And in the video below, see our entire interview with Bucshon from Thursday afternoon.

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