INDIANAPOLIS – With a decision coming from the White House on student loan forgiveness, local lawmakers are giving their opinions on the issue.

President Biden is looking to fulfill a campaign promise by forgiving a certain amount of federal student loan debt for borrowers. The largely-reported number is $10,000 for each holder, but advocates are pushing for a much larger $50,000 forgiveness plan. That has some conservative lawmakers speaking out, like Indiana Senator Mike Braun. In a statement, Sen. Braun criticized the large-scale plan.

“The transfer of wealth is not a move to ‘advance equity,’ but rather a taxpayer handout to appease far-left activists,” Sen. Braun said.

Student loan payments have been paused for most of the pandemic. Now, President Biden is considering further action on the issue. His administration has been calling on Congress to take up the issue, rather than wait for executive action.

“I’m in the process of taking a hard look at whether or not there will be additional debt forgiveness,” President Biden said.

Indiana Congressman Jim Baird (R-IN-04) also came out against the expected proposal, saying it 

“I feel for those young people in incurring all of that debt… but on the other hand, I think we have to be fair and equitable,” Rep. Baird said. “And so there are a lot of people suffering after this pandemic that also deserve help.”

Watch more reaction from Indiana lawmakers in the video above.