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INDIANAPOLIS — The candidates for US Senate sat down with IN Focus Monday night to answer your questions about the big issues facing Congress.

Hammond Mayor Tom McDermott, a Democrat, is challenging Senator Todd Young, a Republican.

Sen. Young was first elected in 2016 and is seeking his second term. Young previously served six years in the House. His 2022 campaign is focused on his military service, semiconductor manufacturing and inflation.

McDermott has been the mayor of Hammond in northwest Indiana since 2004. McDermott says his top priority is protecting abortion access.

The forum was one of the final times we will hear the candidates before election day, November 8. Candidates discussed topics ranging from abortion to inflation, and their answers are broken down below:

On Abortion

Sen. Todd Young: said he doesn’t currently support federal abortion restrictions.

Mayor Tom McDermott: said he supports Roe v. Wade and the access and limitations under it.

On inflation

Sen. Todd Young: said the country needs to “stop spending trillions of dollars we don’t have on things we don’t need.”

Mayor Tom McDermott: says Young is in part to blame for growing the nation’s debt during his time in office.

On disapproval of Congress and partisan divides

Sen. Todd Young: said he believes most Hoosiers look at him as an example of the good work being done in Washington and that more should emulate him.

Mayor Tom McDermott: said that Sen. Todd Young is to blame for the disapproval of Congress and that if elected he would not miss an opportunity to reach out to the other side.

On Ukraine

Sen. Todd Young: said that sending tax dollars to Ukraine is essential for US national security and that we must ensure that Russia is stopped.

Mayor Tom McDermott: said he supports sending money to Ukraine because Russia is our biggest military enemy and we must support those up against our enemies.

On Immigration

Sen. Todd Young: said he wants to move forward with legislation that ensures a secure border in the southern United States.

Mayor Tom McDermott: says Young has not fixed the immigration system but that he will work to keep our borders strong.

On marijuana legalization

Sen. Todd Young: said marijuana legalization is not his top priority, but that he favors investing in more research and that it is a state-level decision.

Mayor Tom McDermott: said he supports medical and recreational legalization.