INDIANAPOLIS – To mark President Biden’s first year in office, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Marcia Fudge is speaking with IN Focus on the administration’s successes, setbacks, and future priorities.

“We have been in an unprecedented pandemic,” Sec. Fudge pointed out. “We’ve been in a perpetual situation of trying to… keep American citizens healthy, which we are doing.”

Sec. Fudge touted the administration’s actions on COVID-19, pointing out that more than 70 percent of Americans have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Although they did not anticipate the pandemic lasting this long with highly-transmissible variants, Sec. Fudge says the president is ready to tackle any future challenges in the fight against COVID-19. This includes mitigating the effects of the pandemic, like preventing evictions of the most vulnerable populations.

“The president has put himself in a position to make sure that we can take care of the people of America,” Sec. Fudge said. “We’ve done that by making sure they are not evicted from their apartments or their homes.”

Sec. Fudge, who previously represented Ohio’s 11th Congressional District in the House and was the Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus until 2015, says she recognizes the current feeling towards the pandemic. Although many aspects are out of President Biden’s control, she believes the country is moving in the right direction with his leadership.

“People don’t feel good about where we are as a nation because they just don’t feel good about what is happening, many of those things outside of the president’s control,” Sec. Fudge said.

See more of our interview with the secretary in the video below:

President Biden took to the podium this week in the White House to emphasize his actions on the economy and foreign policy over the past year. In his first news conference of 2022, President Biden said the nation has made “enormous progress,” despite unprecedented challenges.

“We’re about to make a record investment in rebuilding America,” President Biden said. “Unless you can reach consensus in a democracy, you cannot sustain the democracy. And so this is a real test.”

We’re also hearing from Hoosier lawmakers on Capitol Hill on the president’s first year in office. As the nation grips with the situation on Ukraine’s border with Russia, amid a possible invasion, Senator Todd Young shared his concerns.

“If the Untied States does not stand firm at this moment in time, in this place, and in this situation, we could see encroachments that will impact our commerce, our way of life in the future,” Sen. Young warned. “This could be a fulcrum moment in world politics and international relations.”

Congresswoman Victoria Spartz (R-IN-5), who was born in Ukraine, also gave her thoughts on the president’s foreign policy situation.

“It’s sad for me to see that the Soviet Union fell apart 30 years ago… and countries like Russia are moving back and aligning themselves with dictatorial regimes,” Rep. Spartz said.

Watch more reactions on President Biden’s first year in office in the video above.