INDIANAPOLIS – Early voting is now underway ahead of the May 3rd Indiana primaries. As Hoosiers begin to cast their ballots, IN Focus is continuing to spotlight the Republican candidates for the 9th congressional district.

This week we’re speaking with candidate Dan Heiwig. He’s hoping to stand out among a crowded field, including former state senator Erin Houchin and former 9th district Congressman Mike Sodrel.

Heiwig said it’s been a great experience to tour Indiana across the district. He’s hoping to use his combat experience to lead in Congress.

“It is great to be a part of Indiana as a Hoosier,” Heiwig said. “To come back from years of service and see that we’re still doing really good, and we’re strong.”

Heiwig said it’s been particularly interesting to run against his former Congressman Mike Sodrel. Despite the mutual respect, Heiwig believes it’s time for a new voice to lead the 9th district.

“I’ve seen the other candidates talk about it, what needs to be done, and there’s a fight coming for us to reclaim our American heritage and be strong again,” Heiwig said. “In Indiana, Hoosiers are strong and they’re trying to find that leader.”

Defining his point on American heritage, Heiwig said it all starts with an “American First” focus.

“We’re looking at putting money back into our pockets, reclaiming our education, parts of what the Hoosier spirit really is about,” Heiwig said.

Watch more from congressional candidate Dan Heiwig in the video above.

In the meantime at the Statehouse, lawmakers will be back to consider overriding Governor Eric Holcomb’s veto on HB 1041, the transgender sports bill.

“As I looked at the bill, it was addressing something that wasn’t a problem to my knowledge,” Gov. Holcomb said. “I understand the intent of the House has been expressed, and potentially the Senate, but we’ll take each day as it comes.”

Watch more from Governor Holcomb in the video below.