INDIANAPOLIS – Friday, April 15th marked one year since the FedEx ground facility mass shooting in Indianapolis left eight people dead and countless lives impacted forever. Leaders from across Indiana gave their tributes to the lives lost and are now reflecting on how to prevent another horrific tragedy.

Rep. André Carson (D-IN-7) spoke to IN Focus on what the U.S. could do differently. He’s calling for new efforts to combat gun violence, as well as a new focus on mental health.

“Saying that we are one community, we’re one nation… and we have to a better job at fighting back against gun violence, and dealing with mental health in a very honest and open way,” Rep. Carson said.

We also spoke with Indiana State Senator Aaron Freeman (R-Indianapolis) on legislation to combat gun crime, with a particular focus on the state’s red-flag laws. Although many lawmakers point to this as a reason why the suspect was able to possess a firearm, State Sen. Freeman says the laws are fine for Hoosier gun owners if properly applied.

“I think the law is pretty fair and pretty balanced and works when properly applied, and when pursued,” State Sen. Freeman said.

Meanwhile, Senator Todd Young (R) visited IU-Bloomington last week amid a rise in attacks on the Jewish community. The school’s Rabbi says there’s been more antisemitic incidents this year than she’s seen in more than 30 years at the University. After meeting with students, Sen. Young signed a banner that said ” I stand against Antisemitism #StopTheHate.”

“We can’t be desensitized to theses sorts of acts and statements that are hateful,” Sen. Young said.

Watch more reaction from Hoosier lawmakers in the video above.