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INDIANAPOLIS — An Indy non-profit is working to make a difference in young ladies’ lives and help them as they grow into independent women. 

Tiaras to Crowns creator and CEO Erika Jordan started gathering a small group of girls she knew 4 years ago as a way give them something to do. 

“There is a huge need in our community. We’ve all watched the news lately and seen what’s going on with our youth,” Jordan said. 

It’s since grown, and now the nonprofit aims to provide them with different resources for their needs and to open them up to new experiences that they otherwise might not have had. 

Tiaras to Crowns has weekly meetings to bring the group together to do different activities. 

“It’s pretty good, it’s been hard though because there’s different rules and we are learning how to do teamwork,” said Zaire Funches who’s been in the group the past few years. 

“Because it teaches us life skills, so when you are on your own you can always have that within yourself.” 

The activities are just one of the many lessons girls get. 

“It’s important because you need those things in life as you get older,” said member Tamea Cole. 

Founder and CEO Erika Jordan says it’s important to help in shaping their futures. 

“They really need something to look forward to, something to keep them busy. They really need a bond and a community that it seems like there is not a lot of options out there for them,” said Jordan. 

They’ve also been able to share experiences together.  

“It’s important because it’s a big world out there and the world likes to put us in the box sometimes, and it’s good to get out of that and know there are other things to look forward to,” said Jordan. 

“I wanted to give girls like me a space where they have the tools and the opportunities that even when those things come up to either get through them or avoid them altogether.” 

Creating a wall of memories from things like horseback riding to volunteering, painting, cooking, and much more. 

“That’s important because just knowing that organization just provided you something you wouldn’t really did is a great memory,” said Erika’s stepdaughter Raquel Jordan who’s been in the group since it started. 

It also opens them up to see different career options and what they could be capable of. 

“I didn’t even know that was a thing before, I mean I didn’t ever think about it until I came here,” said Funches. 

For the young ladies in the organization, it’s a $20 investment per girl for the year or $30 for families. 

For more information about Tiaras to Crowns INC, you can visit their website