‘The Butterfly Project’ aims to spread joy to those in Anderson

Hoosiers Finding Hope

ANDERSON, Ind. — If you’ve been in the Anderson area recently, you might have noticed hand-painted butterflies showing up on people’s front yards completely unexpected!

It’s part of “the Butterfly Project” that’s underway at Bethel United Methodist Church.

“People come out after we put it in the yard or they’ve called after and said, ‘Why do I have a butterfly in my yard?’” explained Pastor Kristine Marshall.

About six weeks ago, Marshall decided she needed to do more than just pray for those living her community. That’s when the Butterfly Project was created.

She asked her congregation to submit names and addresses of people who needed to be lifted up.

She and other church members then got to work, cutting the wood, and hand painting each butterfly.  It’s then delivered to the person in need.

“We usually say someone in the community gave us your name and your address and said you needed to be uplifted. One we want to uplift you with this butterfly, but two we want to pray for you,” Marshall said.

“I want them to know there’s something to look forward to when we fall down or when we suffer, that there is always something beyond that  line,” said Bethel United Methodist Church Worship Leader Tara Tremaine.

To date, more than 100 butterflies have been delivered. You don’t need to be a church member to receive one or request one.

Marshall says she is always looking for volunteers to help cut, paint and deliver the butterflies.

To find out more about the butterfly project, click here. You can also email Pastor Marshall at bethelumc4011@aol.com. 

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