Pantry in Lebanon provides essential food, supplies during COVID-19 pandemic

Hoosiers Finding Hope
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LEBANON, Ind. — When schools shut down here in Indiana because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lebanon resident Noel Terry knew some families would suffer

So many children rely on the food provided at school. Now they are without those meals. 

Terry gathered food and snacks and placed them outside her home in baskets. She also posted on local Facebook groups to let neighbors know the supplies were there.

Within a few hours, she says all the food was gone.

The problem was her baskets weren’t covered, and rain was in the forecast.

That’s when Terry came up with another idea.

“I was talking with my fiancé saying I need to find a mini barn or shed type thing. He just pointed to the backyard where we had an empty shed, and he said looks like I just need to move that around front,” she explained.

Within a few hours, the shed was in Terry’s front yard and filled with supplies.

Since then, the community has stepped up to help fund and donate supplies.

For more information on how to help, click here.

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