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FISHERS, Ind. — A mother whose son with disabilities passed away is now teaming up with other mothers of children with disabilities to host an event to help those with special needs.  

They are hosting a wheelchair and car wash Friday at 4 p.m. at the Force Barbell Gym in Fishers. 

The wash will be free for wheelchairs, and they are taking donations to wash cars. 

Joyce Fields says she first got the idea to do the event when she would take her son for treatment and realized his chair needed to be cleaned. 

“I said this is something that needs to be done because that’s the last thing a lot of parents and caregivers do because they’re more so worried about the patient versus taking care of the wheelchair,” said Fields. 

Fields hosted wheelchair washes before. She was even able to host at least one that her son was able to attend before he passed away. 

She opened a business in his honor to make adaptive clothing for people with disabilities. 

She also has a separate non-profit and this is her first time teaming up with two other non-profits.  

“Because my son passed away in 2008 and these are things that I wish would have happened with me. You know? To where somebody would have said, ‘let me do this for you,'” Fields said. 

The three mothers each have non-profits that help people with disabilities. One that helps those impacted by gun violence and another led by Sharon Smith that helps those with autism. 

Smith has children with autism and the wash will be at her gym that helps people with special needs and members of the gym, like one man named jack, will help out. 

“Jack can be that inspiration. He can help other people. And people will be able to see, they’re still people. You talk to them as an adult,” Smith said. 

Her gym is called Force Barbell in Fishers, and it trains athletes with special needs for things like Special Olympics and other competitions. 

“The whole gym it’s a family where we all do things together and so I tend to bring my friend in. It’s like, ‘oh my gosh, you’ve got to see this.’ And we can be that example. So it’s not just something in Fisher’s in our gym, this is something we’re gonna video, and share because we all want to travel,” Smith said. 

Their event is at the gym this Friday starting at 4 p.m. 

The proceeds will go towards helping the mothers’ non-profits and others in need. 

They will also give people a chance to do fittings for Fields’ special clothing line.