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INDIANAPOLIS – The group Isaiah 117 House is working to create a space for children going into foster care to wait while they transition into a home. 

When a child is pulled from their home and placed into foster care it’s hard on everyone involved. Isaiah 117 House is working to make that transition smoother for children. 

“On that day those children feel that it is their fault. It can be very traumatic, we just want them to know they are not alone,” said Marion County Isaiah 117 House program coordinator Christy Kraus. 

Isaiah 117 House is building a space in Marion County to give kids somewhere to go while they wait to be placed. 

Isaiah 1:17 is a Bible verse about doing right and defending the oppressed. That’s part of what the house aims to do for those in foster care at a time when they may need it most. 

An old duplex on the near west side will soon be transformed to help foster children adjust to a huge change. 

“The Isaiah 117 House is a home that children will be able to come to on what we call removal day,” said Kraus. 

It will give them a place to wait before being placed into a foster home. Instead of a social worker’s office where they usually have to wait. 

“That could be from a couple of hours to several hours and hopefully not days, but sometimes that happens,” Kraus said. 

The house was donated to the organization by the Impact Fairfax Christian Church next door. 

“For us to be able to partner with an organization like that, it was just a no-brainer we thought that God was leading us into,” said Impact Fairfax Campus Pastor Andrew Fillmore. 

Now work begins to fix it up. 

“The neighbors around the neighborhood are going to be able to see something that is beautiful, that is new, that is life-bringing and be able to be a part of that,” Pastor Fillmore said. 

Once renovations are finished, there will be bedrooms, clean clothes for kids, and other essentials.  

“There are people that do love them and want to offer them hope and dignity,” said Kraus. 

They’ll also have space for volunteers to look after the children while waiting for something more permanent. 

“That brings, maybe hope to one of the worst days of your life. instead of just being able to sit in an office,” Pastor Fillmore said. 

The house is completely community funded. So the organization is asking for donations to help with the renovations. 

“Not everybody can be a foster parent, but this is a way that everybody can get involved whether they are children, all the way up, no matter what age,” Kraus said. 

This upcoming weekend they are hosting one of their biggest fundraisers. A Lemonade Stand Challenge at different places throughout the county. You can see those locations here. And for more information about the group or to donate, click here